Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Robert Reid Hawley Goes to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?


The rumors are true...

I am accepted to go to Japan to teach for NOVA in September!


Finally i can say to all my naysayers..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! To all the people who ever said that i will never make anything of myself, that i went to Acadia/ Mount A and then Acadia again that it was a good seven years of waste between 1997-98 and 2004-05..it is the biggest ever FU! You can all sit and spin and do whatever losers do while i go experience a new culture and further myself. Like some of the naysayers i give a good rats ass about anyways. It is like my dear old man always says, stick you hand in a nice pail of cold ice water, what do you have when it comes out? NOTHING! Anyways slingers, the contract is coming in the mail. What is sad is that i probably will have to sell my precious Tracker...sigh... oh well once needs money for a plane ticket (7 hrs to BC and then 13 to Japan!! Yikes!) and spending money for my first month there. I was told it was all taken care of the other day. What about back here in good ol Middleton? Who is gonna do the lawn? Put out the trash? So much to think about! Actually the two last pieces of the puzzle went really smooth.. i had a pal of mine, my old buddy Shelly who i have worked with for the past nine years do me up a real kick ass letter of recommendation that went over really well and NOVA wanted a complete educational history of one Robert Reid HawleyI figured that out that in some form or another that i have spent some 20 years in an educational classroom...what a geek!
Actually there was a back-up plan incase the Japan thingy did not work out... I was thinking about attending the Centre For Arts and Technology which has three locations in Halifax, Fredericton and Kelowna. I believe the website address is digitalartsschool.com
The part i was interested in was promotions management and sports management. I am the type who would put his all into running a team and seeing how well i could promote it to a commuity. I would love to have a job like that for the Axemen or something, i wouldn't stop until i had line-ups going down the street to see my product! Oh well maybe if Japan is not my bag after a year or two we shall see then! How's about those Oilers? Well they blew a chance to wrap up the old series last night against the Ducks, who i hear are getting new uniforms next year. C'mon boys, wrap this thing up on Saturday. I read the ol Chronicle the other day and there was yet another commentary on the costs of rising student loans for students, esp us stuck in the ol blue collar rut. " They've (The ever loving government) have made Nova Scotia the least affordable jurisdiction in North America in which to pursue a post-seconadary education. This dubious (embarassing is more like it dude) distinction is something that no Nova Scotian should take pride in. Keep laying it on boys, but like i said, they won't be happy and do anything about it until they see empty classrooms and dorms.
Picked up an awesome book the other day called "Test Your Cultural Literacy" Maybe to some it is a crayon class book, but to others that love conversation as in in-depth conversation, this book should be a helper. Actually, cultrual literacy is defined as, "The network of information that all competent readers possess." It is a world view and there are those like schools, politicians and mass media who use a particular language and have particular expectations about those that they address. It is the notion of having a common background knowledge.
Some of the tests are really good..example:

1) American military involvement in Vietnam followed:
a. The defeat of the French and partition of the country in 1954.
b. The tet Offensive in 1968.
c. The death of Ho Chi Minh in 1969.
d. The invasion of Cambodia by Vietnamese forces in 1978.
Answer? a: After French colonial forces in Indochina were defeated by Nationalists and Communists. France withdrew and the country was divided into South Vietnam and Communist-led North Vietnam. President Eisenhower sent American advisers to train the South Vietnamese army, thus initiating twenty years of American involvement in the region.

2) The Bay of Pigs episode took place when:
a. Cuban exiles from Florida landed in Cuba in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.
b. American troop invaded Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa.
c. UN forces undertook an amphibious landing behind enemy lines in Korea.
d. US marines were sent by President Lyndon Johnson to the Dominican Republic.
Answer? a: In 1961, American President John F Kennedy approved a plan prepared under the Eisenhower administration to land American-trained Cuban exiles in Cuba in an attempt to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro. The landing at the Bay of Pigs, was a failure and many of the the invaders were either killed or were captured. Many Cuban exiles blame their loss on a lack of American military air support.

Good book eh?
Oh yeah i almost forgot! Here are the updated tour dates for Grand Prix Wrestling this summer!

May 26 Souris, PEI
May 27 O'Leary, PEI
May 28 Minto, NB
May 29 Cocagne, NB
May 30 Baie Ste Anne, NB
May 31 Sackville, NS
June 1 Sherbrooke, NS
June 2 Bridgewater, NS
June 3 Berwick, NS
June 4 Truro, NS
June 5 Georgetown, PEI
June 6 Borden, PEI
June 7 Sunny Corner, NB
June 8 Neguac, NB
June 10 Petit Rocher, NB
June 11 New Carlyle, PQ
June 12 Cocagne, NB
June 15 Florenceville, NB
June 16 St. George, NB
June 17 Lameck, NB
Shows are also planned for Sussex and Saint John, NB, and Antigonish and North Sydney, NS.

Anyhow folks i have to go, i gots to pick up my paycheck, pay my bill for the tracker and do other stuff...have a good one!

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