Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Never Mind The Napalm......

Hey there bloggeroonies!!! Long time eh? Well i went to the Alice Cooper w/special guests Helix show last Wednesday and it was blast! I am wearing me Helix shirt right now! I sat front row and actually Brian Vollmer of Helix put his mic in my face during Rock You!! Cooper was awesome, a little older and it was good to hear a bunch of the old stuff. About 7,000 were there so all in all a damn good show! So onto yesterday, i went to the Westin in Halifax for the Teach in Japan seminar. It was ok, we had a presentation that went on for about 3 hrs, it is not your regular school, you have students that range from 8 yrs of age to 80! We played some games too, one in particular where you saw a slide of something distinct about Japan like Sushi, Sumo Wrestling and or in my case, a Bridge (I think i saw the same bridge in the legendary Z-movie The Bad News Bears Go To Japan!) and i had a one on one interview that i think went ok. A couple of drawbacks, you have to pay for your plane ticket over and you need a few dollars for your first month there...so i am looking into some other options right now. Have i given up? Not at all, i am just weighing the options. So my Habs are gone out of the playoffs and who would have thought that the ol Senators whould be down 3-0 to The Sabres?!?!?! I stayed up late last night watching the Oilers beat the Sharks in triple overtime. Man was Halifax ever something to try and get out of yesterday, i swear everyone drove like the Dukes of Hazzard or something. I took the old way home through Mount Uniake to Windsor. I just had to get off that damned 101, some ass cut me off, so i was no longer in the mood for the 101. Well i have to work all weekend at the store formerly known as Andrew's, tonight, Friday night (Tomorrow is payday..yay!!!) Saturday and Sunday (Mother's Day) during the day. I am thinking of going to go see X-Men 3, i think it is coming out this weekend. Saw MI3 the other night in New Minas at the Empire, i think some people are getting sick of Tom Cruse's antics, that may be the reason for the sad box office of his latest flick, but he does get to go home to Katie Homes at night ..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... oh well i am off to the shower and dressing for work, have a good one!

PS- A Summertime classic! The Go-Go's: Vacation!

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