Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Rip Em!

Hello there bloggeronies! How are things! It is May now and i am prepping for the Alice Cooper concert on Wednesday night, gonna be over at the Prince George Hotel for a bit and at the concert that night! Well my Habs lost last night, so Tuesday is do or die for the Habs, they are not making it a cakewalk for Carolina with the last two games being decided by only one goal. Ol Alex J was at it again in the ol paper this morning, blasting the Extreme Cage Combat card at the fabulous Forum, they drew over 6,000 fans to the Forum, the biggest crowd there since Hulk Hogan and WWF made their first appearance here back in the summer of 1987 (I was there!!!) There are plans to have more Extreme Cage cards in Halifax and maybe in Moncton as well. I found it hysterical this weekend that there was a flea market across the road from where i work and while it was jammed packed, at 1 in the afternoon they packed up the tables and then took the leftover stuff and put it on the side of the road!!! I always notice that May clean-up is so sad and funny at the same time, becuase someone is gonna cause a major car accident around here with thier slamming on the breaks to get a look at the latest bargains that people have chucked away...jeeesh!!! I noticed that on May 10th there are going to be interviews in Halifax for teaching jobs in Japan, i am interested and i think i am going to apply via their website at http://www.teachinjapan.com/
All you have to possess is any major degree. I guess a couple of the universities in Alberta and other places do not want any part of the annual McLeans university issue this year, and you know what slingers? Old Man Robb cannot blame theme! I mean what hurts people applying to your university or college more than some bunch of people at a magazine basically telling you that your university that you want to attend basically sucks? Or that some university is really good, when in reality it is not all that they hype says that it is. I remember a girl wanted to interview me about my experience at two different universities and her dumb as S*** editor basically canned the interview...what was he afraid of? He said he did not want to put down other universities, but it was a comparison piece, what he did not want to do was give any face time to the silent majority, student councils do that as well, they just want the publicity/ glory for themselves and their buddies, that happens in lots of places, sometimes with success and more times than not, with dismisal failure...like Acadia's radio station aka Radio Acadia...isn't it sad that Acadia can lead this and that in many of McLean's so called polls and yet cannot have a radio station like its collegues at other places..weird, but they will never have a station until they realize that it is not a glory story for some, it is a service that should benefit all of the campus and surrounding area.
Rant time eh? Old Man Robb is on a roll!
Anywho folks i am off, gotta walk the doggies and do some stuff..have a good one!

PSssssssssst- Chixdiggit: My Dad Vs PM

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