Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Headlights on Dark Roads

Hey there bloggeronies! What is a happening? Well this is the last night of me being home all alone with the rest of the crew, meaning my Mom, Brother and my Nephew all being gone back to the merry land of Cape Breton! Well it is good for all involved to be away for awhile, or well in their case, three days. What have i been doing in the meantime? Well i have been working, working and working. My brother got me a car for a weekend and the minute i pulled out of the yard with it, the mirror fell off! Jeesh! Anyways i went to New Minas for a drive last night, feel a bit bad cause i told a friend that i wasn't going out last night and well, i did anyways, i think Old Man Robb just wanted to be by himself for a bit eh? It has been good god, two months since Dad passed away and i am wondering if i have accepted it or not, Mom is always saying she finds it really hard to phantom that Dad is not in this world, this house as a matter of fact this whole town has Dad written all over it as do alot of places, lots of memories cause wherever i seem to go, there is a Dad memory that comes along with it, even when i went to WalMart last night, there was a memory of my last year in Tower, me having the worst hang-over of all time because i so ruined my last Tower formal by being in the bathroom sick almost the whole night. Why did i do that anyways? Well long story, but i liked a girl ...well woman and i thought something was going to happen, well a friend of mine set her up with another guy, something i never forgave that friend for the rest of that entire year as he knew full well that i liked her but did nothing about it opting to instead help this other guy, i had this almost frat-like mentality when it came to living in res that friends help friends, not the other way around. Anyways my parents siad they were coming at 10...well they showed up at 7:45 in the morning and Dad was just a grinning and they went to Walmart...for like 2 and a half hours!!! I sat in the McDonalds section of the restuarant becuase i could not move whatsoever! Dad kept walking by with his car giggling at me cause he knew i was hungover and sick as a frickin dog! Anyways was it a pleasant memory? No because i was sick as hell! But a good Dad memory? You betcha! Anyways i finally got another New York Yankees hat, well back about six years ago, my Mom washed my other Yankees hat and it shrunk, then she tried to tell me that i had bought a kids hat...jeesh! Plus i bought some clothes, the day before i went shopping with me Mother and i bought clothes, including some much-needed new pairs of shorts and some KISS boxer shorts!!!! Plus i bought Mom some dinner at the Zellers cafe, i almost said K-Cafe in honor of the old K-Mart that was last there when....in the early 90s?!?!?!? Mom always flips out when i play with the jukebox in the cafe, always putting on some old Elvis or the Beach Boys... so what else did i do? I picked up an awesome punk compilation called, AMP Magazine Presents Volume 4: Pop Punk featuring the likes of The Manges, The Travoltas, The Huntingtons, The Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, The Mr T Experience and one of my favorite names on the whole CD, The John Stamos Project!?!?!?!?!?!? Well i heard another tidbit about the Stones concert the other day, i guess Sloan and Alice Cooper have been added to the bill along with some crappy rapper...ugh i hate rap so frickin much!!! I find it both ironic and as well as really funny to see White people listen to rap music because a lot of rap music is says an awful amount of stuff about White people in general. It's also real funny knowing that the White people who listen to this music style come from Upper Middle Class/Rich homes. I always see rappers on tv in some crappy videos, always driving some fancy pimpmobile with gold on every finger and gold chains rapping about how frickin hard they have it, look idiot, your probably some rich kid loser who went to Harvard or something...hahaha...Well what is happening in Cuba anyways? Is Castro on his last legs? Who the heck is his brother anyways? Anyone else think Bush is just lickin his lips to get into Cuba, to grab those resources, i tell ya man if Castro passes on, the fight for Cuba is going to be on. The United States says that it wants to help Cubans prepare for democracy but is not contemplating an invasion of the island in the wake of Castro's illness....hmmmmmmmmmm...the US has this interest in Cuba, but why? What business of it is theirs? Oh well....anyways tomorrow is the start of a new week and i only have one full day off being Wednesday, so tomorrow i will mow and all the rest, have a good one folks!

PS- Check out the re-cut of Scarface!!!!!!!!!!!
PS #2- The Vandals cover Ramones- Sheena is a Punk Rocker!!!!!!!!!!

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