Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You Probably Couldn't See The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me!

Well bloggeronies it has been a long time eh? What is a happening? Well i went to Digby last Saturday, straight up to the Digby Ferry and guess what?

Drum roll.............

No one there

Well the story of Old Man Robb's life eh? However unlike others i sucked it up, had Dad's old Caddy and went for a drive, since i was already in Digby i had to have some Digby Clams and then i went for a drive to Yarmouth, it had been since like 1994 and it has changed quite a bit and looks the same. I drove through Clare on the way back and thought about stopping in to see if my old buddy Blinn was in, but i didn't...i did find a nice beach there that had some sharp looking babes. It was weird going to Yarmouth and all the rest because of seeing the sign saying "101 Ends Here" weird eh? There was a girl, wella woman now that i used to like there, but i never talked to her hardly at all her last year she atteded Acadia..why? Because i didn't think we had anything to talk about anymore...did you ever feel like you were left out in the cold, like that someone was getting closer and then just gave up on you? Well that is the way that i felt and i am allowed to feel that way, it is like someone couldn't take that one step, that what they managed to do was take two steps back...bizarre i know i am... I actually went to a video store in Digby i always wanted to stop in at and man! What a shitstore that was! The dude behind the counter looked like a roadie from Motorhead and he was watching American Wedding in the store!!!! With families and kids walking around, downstairs in his basement he had tons of old VHS and he would not sell me a single one of them!!! He even had a copy of the elusive
King Frat!!!!!!!!!!! There is a new bookstore in the town of Middleton!!!!! I stopped off the other day and picked up 3 Maxim's for a dollar each and a Sports Illustrated from 1975! So what else is new and exciting? Well Nova Japan phoned the other day and i had to re-fill out my resume for Visa Application just to enter the country! So that is being done today. Plus yesterday i had to go and 10 in the morning and get my tetanus shot as well as a hepatitis shot, which they have to do three more times before i leave for Japan. Me and my old buddy Blair went drinking the other night and watched a couple of flicks at his place, namely 1990: The Bronx Warriors and
Friday the 13th Part 3! I picked up The Bronx Warriors in a boxset that came along with Warriors of the Wasteland and After The Fall of New York. I love cheap ass Italian knock-off flicks with cheesy dubbing! My old buddy Glynn moved back to town and came into the store on the weekend to say hello, he has a new band and that is doing well, he roared because his old membership at the store proclaims him as #1 Krokus bass player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well i went to the Zedex Theatre last night and i saw Snakes on a Plane!!! It was not too too bad, did it live up to the hype? Probably not, but it did provide a few good chuckles despite some very very bad looking CGI snakes that were there. You should see the massive Black Sabbath CD's i have been making..oh Old Man Robb..your so you!!!I did get an awesome e-mail from Acadia Alumni the other day to help out with Welcome Week, the only problem is that i am already scheduled to work on September 2nd and therefore i am not available at that time. I wish i was because it would be an awesome opportunity to give back, chat it up with people and offer some stories about when i went to Acadia and to see some jaws drop if i was able to get away with telling some of the ones that i would wanna tell. Well this whole going to Japan thing folks, why? Well because i cannot land a good position here in North America and when i do chat with people i always hear the same ol bullshit everytime about how you have to have experience to get experience but there is really for lots of people no where to turn, others just give up...look at Kingstec..how many of those people that i went to school with there are doing what they really wanna do? What they originally intended to do? Well...you can count em on one hand!!! Listen to that Old Man Robb rant eh? Well a friend of mine is coming to the Valley this weekend. Am i interested? Well not really, why? Well she is coming to meet some other dude when the whole time i would have thought that it was me that she really wanted to meet and plus she has too many rules and hang-ups about this and that and so i don't think i really am going to bother. Besides tomorrow night at the good ol Middleton Arena is the last Valley tour of the summer for Mainstream Wrestling! It was fun last time despite the broken down ring, however i enjoyed the show they put on.......wonder if Spiderman is coming this time? HAHAHAHA!!!
Anyways folks that is all for another Robbblog..have a good one!

Pssssssssst- Dropkick Murphys: Forever!!!

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