Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Straightest Jacket

Hey hey Bloggeronies! Long time no blog eh? What have i been up to? Well work, work and more frickin work! What else is happening? Well not to sound like a broken record but my passport came back again and this time i forgot to fill in my Mother's maiden name! I know i know..i am dunny..get the dunce cap ready eh? I am thinking more and more that maybe what the grand plan for Old Man Robb Hawley's future will be is to go to Japan, spend a year and a half (Or in my case, a year and eight months!) and then maybe go somewhere like Fort Kent and pursue my education degree, which i believe can still be done there is something like a year. I thought i had done something rotten to my Acadia account, i went on it one day last week and lots of stuff was wiped out, they took is off till i pay them the $5.65 i owe them.........hear that folks? The $5.65!?!??!?!?! Man some places are greedy to the last drop eh? Anyways i contacted the folks at NOVA and they were good to me, they told me that whenever my passport was ready, then that was good enough for them. Well me and the Dunker got together last week and we went to go see Will Farrel's new flick, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby and it was hysterical! Love where he is praying at the table and blesses his two sons, Ricky Bobby is playing at the Valley Drive-in located in Coldbrook this weekend with one of those crappy Wayans brothers movies....

Hey! the Chickenburger in Bedford has its own website!!!! Who would have thought!

Hear about that professor at CBU? Now he was posting on his own blog on his own personal time his views of gay relationships, it had nothing to do with anything that he teaches in class and well, some student disagreed with his views and emailed him, well this professor made the emails public for everyone to see on his website. Now if one has their own opinion, well this is a free country and he should frickin well have the right to say as he feels as long as it does not affect anything that is happening within his classroom and his teachings. Opinions are like asses, everybody had one. The part i didn't care for was making the emails public for all to see, an email should be treated as a private thing, like a phone call. Oh well he was only suspended two weeks, i am sure that he will survive.
So a friend of mine is coming to Digby, well hopefully still coming to Digby on Saturday, if so then we will hang out, if not, then i guess we won't! Well the last Mainstream Wrestling card of the summer is coming to Middleton on August 25th, i'll see what i can do about having the night off, the last one was fun except for the broken down wrestling ring. So who doesn't think that Evgeni Malkin is not on the way to Pittsburgh ever since he disappeared last week on his Russian team in Helsinki, Finland. Supposedly this kid is one of the best hockey players in the world that is not playing in the NHL. We shall see what he has if the kid is where i think he is. Anyways folks, that is about it for me today, i am off to work and i am not off work till Friday...have a good one!

Psssssssssssst- MXPX: Responsibility!!!

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