Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Long Time...

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try."- Alexander the Great

Wow i have not blogged in like..ummm..ages! Well what is a happening? Well lots i thinks. I am all signed up for this coming Saturday, like a conquering hero (or anti-hero) Old Man Robb returns to Acadia and to the re-opened Crowell Tower as a representative of Acadia Alumni and i will be assisting with move-in day! This will be happening from 8:30-12 noon and that night? Well Old Man Robb returns to the Store Formerly Known as Andrews to work from 6-11! What else is new? Well last week i had a job interview somewhere i always wanted to score a job interview ....well lets just say it was up at AU...thought my ass was finally in the door...well somewhere along the lines someone somewhere frigged up and it was not to be. Typical? Well my old stomping grounds has had its share of embaressments recently and it was just more egg on the face, i walked out the door mad as hell and not wanting to take it anymore. What now i thought? Well i have been thinking more and more about going back overseas to teach. Now Robert Reid Hawley, didnt that almost end in near distasterous porportions last time? Well yeah, but i have to get these stupid....i mean student loan people off my backs once and for all and i am almost in range of achieving that very goal. I need more experience, i mean 6-7 months in Japan is fine and all, but recently i applied for the positon of EA (educational assisstant) for a variety of places and well...i dont have that TSOL or whatever it is called training and BOOM! There you go! So like the old saying goes, you have to get experience to have experience and i think teaching overseas again is looking better and better, i saw an ad and i applied, this time to KOREA! South Korea that is....not North. I did apply to China, but it turns out what they were looking for was a math teacher and anyone who was witness to Old Man Robb taking stats back at Acadia in 2004-05 could testify to the fact that i SUCK at math. Of course my Mom thinks that me going to Korea is like me going to Beruit or somewhere so i am doing my best to educate here on where i am possibly going. So what else is new? Well last night i took in wrestling out in Windsor. It was a Mainstream Wrestling card at the War Memorial Community Centre and it was fun, but hot as hell in there. Fun times. Anything else Old Man Robb? Well i have caught some movies recently including Superbad...which was super hysterical, me and the Dunker went and laughed our asses off...the two cops, one of them being Seth Rogan who i roared at in Knocked Up earlier this summer should have their own movie and the kid who played "McLovin" was funny too, i liked that the kids in this one seemed normal and not some kids out of a GQ magazine like those in the American Pie movies. I went to see Rush Hour 3 and man...did Jackie Chan look bored out of his frickin mind! And i have always found Chris Tucker annoying...he is to me a 2nd rate Eddie Murphy wannabe. Been to a few parties a few weeks in a row...well one that i walked out of at 1 in the morning cause i was BORED off my ass! And if i ever go to another party where i hear Pickledick...or Nicklebeck all fuckin night i am gonna scream..but i think half the problem was that all my old pals from the Passage were having Reunion #2 down at the Buffalo Club in Cow Bay and my heart kept telling me that i should really be there instead....the other party...well it was fun, but that Sunday was a write off! Big time! ick.... this past Sat was fun though, hung out with friends and watched "Weekend at Bernie's" for the first time in eons! The sequel sucked royally, but i liked the original. Yeah my Mom comes home tomorrow, she has been in Cape Breton since Saturday and i have been here with the doggies. The Football Axemen's home opener is coming soon, but i am told it may be moved to Huskie Stadium because the artificial turf may not be ready just yet. Man that would be one depressing home opener if it was played up there, but when you think about it, where the hell would they play around here? The West Kings field? ROFL! Plus this Friday Halloween or should i say Rob Zombie's Halloween comes out, i am curious so i am going to go sometime over the weekend and see what Zombie has done to this all-time horror classic. Anyhow i am making one of Dad's all time favorite dishes, liver and onions and so i am gonna take off and chat to the rest of you peeps later! Have fun!

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