Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fall Semester

Hello peeps! What is a happening in Old Man Robert Reid Hawley land? Well Monday i start work! Well my training is what i start, i got the position yesterday. Not gonna reveal it yet, something else for the resume? Yes it is. Now i am glad i have something to do this year before it is back to Acadia or to Fort Kent in Maine. This does however put egg on someone's face...you..your such a hider you know that? I was going to be a "Lifer" eh? Life time video clerk? I guess ya havent noticed i went to school, graduated, university..graduated..twice, had a tour of duty in Japan..some people are the real boy in the plastic bubble and you are a prime example of that my man. What else is a happening? Well this past Saturday was Welcome Week 2007 at Acadia and yours truly was on hand as a representative of Acadia Alumni, collecting a free t-shirt to go with the other 33 Acadia t-shirts, to welcome the new kids to the re-opened, strong but fair, bold but yet beautiful Crowell Tower, or as they referred to it as Cutten Tower. It was fun, nice to see parents from Middleton and their look of shock and horror, or should i say shock and awe when i was there, they thought i did nothing else but work in the store formerly known as Andrews..............WRONG! It was too bad i had to cut it short and come home to work from 1-11:00 at the store formerly known as Andrew's, where at 10 at night for the first time ever, i fell asleep while on the job....ahhh good times. I still get people, well i had alot of people mistake me for an Acadia employee on Saturday, i wish...the ball is in their court, they have the resume which was professionally done and it is their call whether they call me or not ok? Like i have said before people sometimes don't like to give chances and Dad used to say it too, nobody wants to hire someone whose ass might be sitting in their seat next year, call it unfair, it is the truth. Man 10-12 WWE employees suspended for being on the juice! Congress is calling Vinnie Mac and they want a piece of the WWE pie. So Friday night i headed over to the Zedex, yes i still call it the Zedex even though the ol Zedex is good and buried and gone for good to go see Halloween or i should say Rob Zombie's Halloween, sadly the movie was not there yet and i had to sit through Hairspray from 7-9:00...not my cupa tea, but it was weird seeing John Travolta dressed as a broad and married to Christopher Walken. Finally Halloween started and well....it was interesting. It was neat how Zombie made the movie his own, it should have been called Halloween The 13th going by the body count. I cannot believe some stuff like killing off Dr Loomis, or i was wondering what kind of WWE-steroid distribution plan they have in the looney bin and or where Micheal learned to drive an 18 wheeler and how he knew where to find his baby sister and or where her adopted parents live and i was roaring "shut up" at Danny Trejio when his character kept talking to Micheal after Myers thought he killed him. It was cool to see all the horror cameos like the mom from the original Hills Have Eyes, Pete from the original Dawn of the Dead and everyone from House of 1000 Corpses/ Devil's Rejects. Good flick and last night i downloaded the workprint with the different ending and ex footage..very cool....so what is on for the weekend? Was going to go to the Axemen's football home opener Vs Mount A on Saturday, but Raymond Field is not finished yet and so the game is being played at Huskie Stadium at 12:30 Saturday afternoon. I was hoping it would be televised, but no go there either. So i might be heading to the drive-in in Coldbrook with a friend on either Sat or Sunday, already saw the Simpsons. i thought it was an under-developed flick with little to no originality, not different from the tv show. I did catch an article about the AUAA in the paper the other day about wanting to expand the product, when i was working Saturday more people were talking about watching NCAA Football on the tube than catching a game in their area, well a game that is now moved to Huskie Stadium, but that is besides the point. And off topic...did anyone catch, well in my case i caught the highlights of one of college football's greatest upsets when Appalachain State smeared, embarrassed, humiliated, and put Michigan State in her place when Appalachian State beat Michigan (ranked #5)in the Labor Day weekend 2007 game, .Never before had a Division I-AA team beat a ranked opponent and Appalachian State did it before more than 107,000 hostile fans in Michigan. Anyways back to the local sports secen..anywho there is never an advirtisement outside of those in the know, or close to Wolfville..and for years they never ever had to, the stands were full from students and alumni and therefore people that live 40 minutes away like in Middleton and never stepped foot on that campus in their lives despite being football and hockey fans have no reason to go to the games because they had no idea in hell that there were even games taking place. Now they are doing what i said they should have been doing ages ago and trying to sell the sports product to people outside of the Acadia loophole. If you have a product, you gotta sell it and you got to get out there on the firing lines and make sure people know when games are, where they are and what kind of product they are going to be witnessing on the field, or on the ice. I think some hockey exhibition games wouldnt hurt either, i remember a few yrs ago Kingston Arena was jammed to see an Acadia Axemen hockey exhibition game...do it again! BErwick, Digby, Yarmouth and LET PEOPLE KNOW!!!!! Not too hard boys...jeesh! What to do? Well i walked the doggies, dropped Momma off at 10:00 am, designed a resume for a friend, listened to some friends soap opera aboot their life and Facebooked a bit, now it is time to go downtown for a bit, load up the MP3 player...got some old school rock in there, like Ted Nugent's Instensities in 1o Cities and KISS Alive in their entirety on there...so have a good one folks!!!

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