Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Not Fade Away

Hello webslingers and all others...Well how are things? Well i made 75% on my British-India Paper and 77%, a B+ on the term overall for my Seminar Class. Not too bad, i have yet to recieve a mark for Qualitative Method, but my average was an A- before the final paper, so hopefully all is well in that department. However, my one and only examination is on Thursday night...that is Qualitative Methods and i cannot remember anything!!! I try and try and try again...still it all turns to S***!!! Now stuff like Milgram’s obedience study and the Zimbardo Prison Experiment i can remember...but then the numbers and rules start and i confuse them all...i mean i did history and sociology for a damn reason...to NOT do math...we discussed this in qualitative methods the other day and someone nailed it right on the head when they stated, "If i wanted to do math, i would have taken business." There is the problem that the soc department is going to have next yr cause my qualitative prof is going on sabbatical and so there will not be a, as of this writing, qualitative methods course available for students next year. The other problem that they have is if they give soc students a choice between qualitative and quantitative methods, you will have 60 students in one class (qualitative) and 15 in the other (quantitative) well...got news for ya all...not all soc students want to go into crunching numbers and become a statistician or something like that. I just want this class over with....i mean i get this stuff all mixed the hell up...dependent and independent variables, The five characteristics of causal hypothesis, Tautology, Teleology, grounded theory, Triangulation of methods, theory, observers, measures, First, second and third order interpretation...etc..etc...etc...all can go straight to F***ing hell!!! C'mon dudes, what is wrong with this picture? I just passed seminar, social theory and qualitative methods!!! It is like Kingstec where you did not have your choice of either radio or television, you had to take both...and we wonder why the radio is bleak...Anyways me buddy Linders had me crash her history seminar party at Paddy's last Thursday...it was ok, i only knew a few of the kids, some where annoying as frickin hell, especially this one Micheal Moore wannabe, who came off as an elitest P****!!! One kid, a nice little fellow stated that i was a Tower legend...that is a name i hear quite a bit, said many of the residents there now would not know me if they fell over me...i hate to tell him, but one move back in and they would all know the Legend...man listen to myself!!! Nice to see the Campus D****bag continue to dig a hole with his constantly sad editorials, esp the recent one on tuition...nice views, from a brat with a silver spoon stuck in his yam, go away and take Micheal Moore Jr with you...plus tell Jr that none of the girls he was working on at Paddy's loked like they would rather be at a funeral home being embalmed than listening to any of his sad sounding BS...love them emo, sooky wannabe's...off to Alcatraz with em i say... I worked 17 hrs this weekend and we are having our staff party at our managers house and it is a sleepover/ BYOB party, comeplete w/ Secret Santa...our Middleton manager, who actually dated me for a spell in grade 11 (lucky her eh?) is refusing to take part, but then again she was not a party girl...ever...whatever, it shall be fun times....Anyways me parents are gone to Hfx today, my Dad is having his annual check-up with the cancer doctor, all signs point to all being well, but this is a good percaution...they are not comin home till Wednesday, there is a Beachcombers reunion movie on tonight..i remember watching the first reunion movie on 3rd with Deuce Bigelow and Greg and the gang...lots of fun...anyways love to stay and be all chatty and stuff...but i has to go webslingers, gotta get some gas, some doggie food and then study till i drop...lates!

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