Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I Think it is Monday Today

Hello webslingers and peeps from all the wonderful bounds of hell! Well what has been a happening? Well there is one momma of a football game between Acadia and STFX that is going to be taking place at Raymond Field this Saturday and Old Man Robb is going to be there be there be there! I promise i won't bring a megaphone either! They are cracking down on rowdy fans...funny because people used to bitch that we were some of the quietest fans in the league, now we cannot make any noise...weird...well it was due to the namecalling directed towards the STFX coach there a few weeks ago..well no name calling could be as bad as that in the original SlapShot!!! ...by the way i was at the last finals held at Raymond Field some ten years ago doing camera work while i was under the spell of the B***H of the Baskervilles...wasted years eh? I read a pretty scathing article on the Mount Allison football team by Sir Alex J the other day...hey what is it with all the recent Alex J stuff anyways? Well i did havea chance to go to the ABI, Atlantic Broadcasting Institute years ago, was accepted and everything, but declied and went a year later to K-Tech...a waste of time? What do you think? I dunno which would have been better or for worse, all in the past anyways eh? Anywho the article was nasty, talking about raising monies for the team, how come MTA doesn't raise more than $10,000 when SMU is raising more than $150,000 per year...smells kinda fishy eh? Me and Dad watched "Waking Up Wally: The Walter Gretzky" story last night on tv, it was really good, it was scary seeing how a stroke can really mess up a person, as in losing their memories. Man was i sick on Saturday, yet i managed to soldier on through an entire nine hour shift before coming home and doing my best Exorcist impression for everyone. So what am i up to this week? Well i work today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. So no little time for anything, plus putting new brake pads on the Jeep and hey...i have tomorrow off! I may get back to the job hunt, i applied for those two jobs at Acadia and November 3rd was the cut-off date, so i may go back up tomorrow and borrow my parents van to do so...maybe put on my dress pants and dress shirt and make a wholehearted effort to at least look half-decent....i picked up the Beavis and Butthead boxset the other day...a tad disappointed i am because it is not a regular season one boxset, it is 40 of Mike Judge's favorite episodes and do to copyright issues, they only get to make fun of like 10 music videos...the parts where they would rip up videos by Duran Duran and others was one of my favorite parts of the entire show! Still it has where they pruned Mr Anderson's house, so that is good. Anyways i have to get ready cause i am going Christmas shopping this afternoon and then to work, have a good one slingers!

PS- Rock & Roll Radio with the Ramones!

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