Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why? Don't Ask....

Hello dudes n foxy mommas...well how are things? Myself? Im almost done Module Two of my course. How does that feel? Well its a Monday morning so don't ask me yet...but it is interesting talking about the different set-ups of the classroom. Talking about what is the best classroom arrangement. Basically this module is how you set up your classroom from beginning to end, classroom management. Teachers have to improve the classroom environment by motivating their students. What kind of obsticles that you face when it comes to your student numbers, school policies and even furniture in your classroom?

When i have taught overseas there have been a few classroom management issues that i have had to deal with. One problem i dealt with, especially in South Korea was that i worked for a language school, that being said many children were coming to the school at various times during the day after being at their regular schools all day. Many of the children were tired from being in class all day and some appeared disinterested and therefore liked to misbehave some in the classroom by speaking in their native language, laughing and entertaining some of the students, while being a distraction to the majority who wanted to learn english.

A strategy that seemed to work was to stop speaking in the class, the notion of eye contact is an important one. The teacher would make eye contact with the distractor and remain silent until the whole class stopped. Often times i would ask, "Is there something you would like to tell the class? Or share with us? Once the emphasis was on that paticular student, the misbehavior would stop. Very rarely did i have to speak to a student after the classroom time had ended.

Another issue is that of the student who is over-exuberant in the classroom. I taught quite a few students who did well in class and really enjoyed speaking. However it took time away from the other students, especially those who did not speak as much. So what i did was give every student a chance to speak equally. The best reward about having a student who was willing to speak was that they became a help to the teacher, especially when it came to group work and could help with the other students whom had some struggles or shy about speaking in the classroom.

Hope it is sounding good.

Well Friday night i went GLow Bowling for the first time in my life, had not been to the Greenwood Bowling Alley since like 1996...it was fun, went with some Store Formerly known as Andrew's alumni and it was a blast..i guess Saturday night's are Classic Rock nights..but the layout of the bowling alley was old school, the manager reminded me of John Davidson, formerly of HNIC and now the manager of the St Louis Blues.. its also licenced in there and had a neat assortment of video games...also Friday nights is pizza night...definitly going again some other time.

And Saturday night...yes cue the Bay City Rollers ...S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y was spent watching the Axemen take on STFX..Acadia was reeling a bit after an overtime loss to Dal on Friday night and came out and beat STFX 4-0 earning their first shut-out of the season. More importantly the game was a fund raiser for Haiti and they were selling tickets for an autographed Axemen jersey as well as an authentic Sidney Crosby Team Canada jersey. I hope they were able to raise lots of cash.

Recently Old Man Robb recieved an e-mail from a lady representing the AEON Corporation of Japan and it was asking if i would like to go back overseas and teach english in Japan...AEON has been around for a long time and has some 300 branch schools all across Japan which on one hand would be an interesting chance to see some more of Japan which is something i really didn't do the first time i was there and i think that when i went to South Korea i recified that a little by taking so many pictures and going to places on almost everyday i had off...i really wanted to experience the culture which is something i regret about Japan, the only drawbacks i have about AEON is that working for an english company the first time around in Japan left a bad taste in my mouth about how things work over there, and i think like NOVA you have to pay your own way over...and besides im in the middle of my education courses and i do not want to bungle those up just to go back overseas and have the same kind of bad experience that i did before..its hard to fly like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys...or at least i was the last time...

The countdown is on...it is now officially 10 days before GnR in Halifax!!!!

Oh i almost forgot i was going to post these awhile ago and with so much on the go go go recently i have put them on the backburner, but anyways here are some pics from a mindless day off i believe back at the end of December start of January, i hope you enjoy them. Went to Hall's Harbour Mountain and snapped a few pics as well as coming across a couple of abandoned places as well as a closed museum (The Charles McDonald Concrete House Museum/ Art Gallery) and a little house/ shack made out of bingo balls?!?!?!?!

Well folks i have some more studying to do...have a good one!

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