Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Everything Counts..Sometimes..

Well dudes n foxy ladies how goes it? Well it is Saturday and Old Man Robb is home and into the books..onto Module Two of my book, actually have to skip ahead and read Chapter Four, it is only nine pages, but should be good stuff. I have yet to recieve my marks for Module One..but i think i put alot of thought into answering the questions. One of my introductory questions asked what experiences i had with learning another language and my response went something like this:

In my time as a student i learned French and Spanish. My teachers used methodological teaching methods. They used pre-determined methods of teaching. I found the teachers just used tried and true methods that worked best for them, that were suited for classroom usage. My teachers mostly just taught straight out of the classroom textbooks and did not allow for much innovation in the classroom. I did not feel confidence to use my new found language in day to day situatuions outside of the classroom. The methods used were effective in that the students did their assignments and homework, but as students we did not learn outside of the classroom syllubus.

What is your personal philosophy of teaching? My philosophy is to introduce new language students to a new way of thinking, to learn a different language. Teaching is viewed as driven by teachers attempts to bring together theory and practice. Developing a statement of your approach and take on your own teaching philosophy, like all components of a teaching portfolio , is an active learning experience as well as a presentation of an image of effective teaching. Teachers should make information understandable and applicable to students. A teacher must have an intense passion for teaching. An effective teacher also has the will and the ability to show emotion, realizing that genuine emotions not only reveal his or her character, but are also an effective and personal means of communication.

Heavy eh? Module Two/ Chapter Four will be read today...

Me and Brother Blair hit up Wolfville last night, went to the Vil, to the Store with no Name and to the Axemen's game vs UPEI, the Axemen won 2-1 in a real nailbiter. People who stayed away missed a good one. Tonight they are playing UNB, the #1 team in the CIS as of right now. The store with no name was pretty cool, Blair said he could have stayed there for hours looking at all of the random stuff.. be bought some vinyl including Belinda Carlisle and the Stray Cats!?!?!?!? Meanwhile i am no better as i purchased ...drum roll...American Ninja 4

As for the Vil...i have always wanted to know the story of the "Vilmobile" that is situated out back behind the Anvil...it has been there ever since i first went to Acadia U back in 1998..what is the story? Did it drive around Wolfville at one time? Is it for sale?

Gotta weigh in on the Mike Danton situation. As some of you already know, Danton is going to be playing for SMU..is it right? Danton did serve his time for conspiracy to commit murder, as in he was in on an attempt to kill his former agent back in 2004. What does this say about the recruitment policies of the CIS? This is getting all kinds of national publicity for the CIS..but is it a negative? Many of the do-gooders are jumping all over this one and it was the #1 topic amongst the fans at the Axemen game last night. Ticked me off a bit because of people babbling about on and on about this and not about more positivies like what a great run the Axemen have had winning some nine-ten straight game. It is very commendable to see SMU giving someone a second chance....let's just wait and see what happens.

Now lets share a well to me a feel-good story that will get no publicity out of the confines of Acadia Arena but what i liked to see is that after a hard fought hockey game that the Axemen took out the time to have an after-game autograph/ photograph session with their fans on the ice at Acadia Arena. It reminds one that there are still role model athletes who like to embrace their fanbase, sure i bitch about attendance at the games even though we are presently ranked #4 in the CIS...but it was a really nice moment to see the players giving back to the fans.

Well that is all for now folks...have a good one!

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