Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Turkish Star Trek

Well now Old Man Robb has seen some things in his time and he has seen some things..now when i was a kid growing up in the Passage back in the 70s and 80s i was not much of a big ol Star Trek fan...my brother was more of a freak for Trek where i was more of a Star Wars kid..not the Star Wars Kid, but you get what i mean..i had the action figures and all the stuff..and i rememeber one day after hockey practice Dad taking me to see the first Star Trek movie..the Motion Picture which should be relabelled the Motion Sickness cause it went on and on and on and i remember looking around the theatre and seeing people asleep all over the frickin place..including Dad! ..i do recall having a few Star Trek Mego figures and watching the Filmation show on CBC French which was the first place i had seen Captain Harlock, but that is a story for another time...

So does anyone remember Turkish Star Wars?

No? Well....

The Turkish Star Wars was a 1982 movie made in Turkey (Well duh Old Man Robb) that well shamelessly used unauthorized footage from Star Wars and worked it into the film. It also used the soundtrack from Raiders of the Lost Ark, James Bond and the original Battlestar Galactica as well...i watched it due to the bad word of mouth and plus the fact that Old Man Robb just cannot and i mean cannot resist a bad movie but omg...this thing was worse than the frickin Star Wars Holiday Special for gosh sakes! And that is really saying something!

Anywho what i just witnessed to my horror was Turkish Star Trek... well believe it or not it was no where near as horrific as Turkish Star Wars, but i must admit instead of borrowing scenes like TSW did to put in the background of their crappy movie, TST just literally borrowed everything from Star Trek..uniforms! music! names! the look of the enterprise...just everything..but with Turkish actors and actresses with 1/10th the budget of the original tv show...

What do you think Mr Spock? My thoughts exactly...

Live long...and prosper...or something..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Acadia Axemen Football Schedule 2012-13!!!!

Saturday, September 1 – StFX at Acadia, 2:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Week 1:
Saturday, September 8 – Saint Mary’s at Acadia, 2:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Week 2:
Saturday, September 15 – Acadia at Laval, 1:00pm

Week 3:
Saturday, September 22 – Acadia at Saint Mary’s (HC), 2:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Week 4:
Saturday, September 29 – Mount Allison at Acadia, 2:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Week 5:
Saturday, October 6 – Acadia at StFX, 2:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Week 6:
Saturday, October 13 – StFX at Acadia (HC), 2:00pm

Week 7:

Saturday, October 20 – Saint Mary's at Acadia, 2:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Week 8:
Saturday, October 27 – Acadia at Mount Allison, 2:00pm

AUS Semifinal:
Saturday, November 3 – Third Place at Second Place, 1:00pm (Eastlink TV)

AUS Championship (The Subway Loney Bowl):
Saturday, November 10 – Semifinal Winner at First Place, 1:00pm (Eastlink TV)

Uteck Bowl (at RSEQ Champion):
November 16/17 – AUS Champion at RSEQ Champion, TBA

Vanier Cup (at Toronto, Ont.):
Friday, November 23 – Uteck Bowl Winner vs. Mitchell Bowl Winner, TBA

(HC) = Homecoming Game

Friday, June 15, 2012



An epilogue is a final chapter at the end of a story that often serves to reveal the fates of the characters. Some epilogues may feature scenes only tangentially related to the subject of the story. They can be used to hint at a sequel or wrap up all the loose ends. They can occur at a significant period of time after the main plot has ended. In some cases, the epilogue has been used to allow the main character a chance to "speak freely."
An epilogue can continue in the same narrative style and perspective as the preceding story, although the form of an epilogue can occasionally be drastically different from the overall story. It can also be used as a sequel.


     My TESOL Practicum, as well at my education courses at Acadia U wrapped up earlier this week folks...how did it go overall? Well i scored an A on my course...Sir Robert Reid Hawley scored an A??!?!?! Suprised huh Sherlock? Well Robert Reid Hawley has been scoring an A ever since he re-started back at Acadia U in the fall of 2009-10.. sure the naysayers are out in full force now...saying oh you did one 3hr course at a time..you didn't really earn it... its funny how these kind of people come out in full force when you do something well eh? People laugh at me cause i am quite different...i left at them because they are all the same..all fucking cookie cutter same.. we're all clones...They don't really know fuck all about you to be honest, they just go on situations from twenty or more yrs ago.. people like to harp on your past because they know fuck all about your present. It's like Jack Nicholson from that movie with Tom Cruise- "You can't handle the truth!"

At the end of the day, if they hate you....then forget them...not worth it...

    Anywho next week my final marks come back... so what is Old Man Robb to do? Do i rest on my laurels? No i have been applying and applying for jobs- ESL jobs in Canada...there was one as close as Mount St Vincent and others including one in Glace Bay. I am just going to have to take my chances.. but do i really want to go back overseas again? I do believe i have done my time so to speak, but if Canada has nothing to offer me in the way of ESL employment i guess than overseas it shall be. Some schools over there are nothing but crayon class schools where you could graduate with a degree in swimming pool management and somehow manage to grab an ESL job while other people stay in Canada and work for the man, for minimum wage... somehow it all doesn't add up does it?

  And applying for jobs...right place, right time is where one has to be...alot of time there is no feedback from some of these companies...making us sit and wonder..did they even look at it? Not qualified? Maybe a case of too competent...it makes bosses alot better when they have some incompetent dipshits around that they feel comfortable with...why? Because those people are not a threat to the status quo...they are just going to shut up and do whatever job is given them.. they are not a threat...they are not going to get promoted and are not going to take your position. And of course there is always nepotism- jobs granted to relatives or cronysim- jobs awarded to friends...i can think of many institutions that suffer from this ....they get jobs not awarded on merit...but awarded on who the hell they are...hell of a way to run things eh?

What do i want to do... been strange lately but i think Old Man Robb is burnt out a wee bit from observing classes and teaching classes.. i think there are times where i just want to be left alone..other people have a hard ol time getting that hint lately..let me tell you something and it is the God's honest truth...some people have a way about them..they feel if they nag and nag and bug and pester that i will give in and do whatever it is that they want...WRONG... dead wrong.. that just makes me push them further away... and when one pest goes away..another appears just like clockwork...a friend in need is a pest... i think some people just have a hard ol time just taking the proverbial hint that Old Man Robb needs a rest and now is just not the time to bug me because i am busy thinking about new things...

Well i think Old Man Robb has babbled on long enough aboot things today and i guess i have to go do an HONEST nights work...hard words eh folks? Have a good one...

Monday, June 04, 2012

A New Robb Q&A Period!

Saw these on a friend's Facebook and decided to answer/ modify a few of my own just for shits n giggles...

A drumroll please...

1) What was your last dream? Oddly enough i had a dream about recent events...a novel concept eh? A dream that i had one more credit to complete for my TESOL Certification and i know darn well it is complete and i was complaining and complaining and the catch was that i had to go back to residence...at my age...and lo and behold my dear Father was the one forcing me to go back because he couldn't stand my old ass being home anymore... then i woke up and realized that Dad still wasn't here as much as i wanted him to be, but im hopeful that he is out there somewhere watching over me...i know it sounds corny, but yet i still believe...

2) When was the last time you had Kraft Dinner? Man its been weeks since that one and yes i am still a believer that KD is best with some hot dogs, leftover hamburger and or just a dash of pepper...no ketchup on my KD....ICK!!! That is wrecking God's food people!!!

3) Do you wear sunglasses? No...because in the word's of General Vaughn Liceman from the criminally underrated flick "Up The Academy" they make me stand out like a turd in the punchbowl...

4) What is Old Man's Robb's current hairstyle? Currently a Beatlebowl...needs to be cut soon

5) What's the most expensive thing you have bought lately? The Goon!!! Best hockey movie since the original Slapshot!!!

6) Are you smiling in your current Facebook profile pic? Ummm..lemmie see...no

But that is a sweet ol flying V!!!

7) What is your favorite KISS album? Without a doubt, 1982's Creatures of the Night!

8) Last thing you had that was green in color? A Shamrock Shake from Raunchy Ron's

See! I look like a turd in the punchbowl wearing shades...

9) Would you marry a celebrity? Well Phobie Cates is sadly taken...sigh...my first real crush...

10) What are you doing tomorrow? The day from hell at Acadia U...observing/ teaching/ presenting... more to do tonight so i can become Super Robb tomorrow...

That's all for now...have a good one folks!

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