Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Am Back So Says I

Hey there bloggeroos! What is Old Man Robb up to? Well i have been spending some time at home, my Dad has not been feeling well and i am helping out a bit around the house. Yesterday i went up to the old alma mater as in ol' Acadiau and handing in a resume as well as filling out an application for a position with Sodexo Marriot working in administrative. Hope it goes ok. I walked around and chatted it up with people i knew, you know you have been in a spot a long time when the people at the bookstore, employment office and coffee house know you by name..ahhh Old Man Robert Hawley. Besides i promised my nephew that i would take him up to Wheelock some time to eat...hope the old school Tator Tot Casserole is on the menu!!!! Has a bit of a ring to it eh? Well tomorrow i am getting paid and heading out to get some Christmas shoppping done. As tempted as i am to grow the world's greatest mullet ever, i am getting my mop chopped tomorrow at 1:00 and probably heading tomorrow night up to see WWR wrestling in Canning...looks like it has the potential to be fun and it is being taped for a showing at a later date on the new Fight Channel here in Canada. Along with WWE 24/7 i so need these channels.. Thank god Jiri Fisher of the Red Wings was ok after collapsing on the bench a couple of nights ago, imagine what a public relations nightmare it would have been for the league if something tragic would have happened. Oh my working tonight, Saturday and Sunday...anyone want to trade places? Well i was going to go to the Axemen game on Saturday night, but i am going to spend time at home instead, the radio is a good substitute, it is good to see that ALL the games are being broadcast now, that year i spent in Mount A was depressing on the hockey front, except for the three times Old Man Russell picked me up and took me to Moncton to see the Wildcats, i saw no live hockey all year and then last year at Acadia, the games were not being broadcast on the internet at all, so there was no sitting in the library on the night of road games and being able to listen in while i finished up another successful (or semi-successful) term paper. I joined up with a new site called Gradfinder the other day, it is tempting to contact some of the people on there, peopple i haven't seen for a lifetime! Other people i would not give the time of day to if the damn place was buring down, yes Old Man Robb can hold a grudge sometimes, silly? yes...but the hate for some is still there... Hey! Motley Crue is coming to Hfx on March 3rd or something like that and tickets for the show are $61 Canadian!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Man i hope they get a sold out show! That way promoters will be tempted to bring in more old school metal acts to Hfx, man Motorhead rocked last year and it would be good to see some people like the re-formed Judas Priest head out this way or to see Alice Cooper make a return to metro, i wanna go see the Crue and maybe some of the old gang from the ol' Passage will be there eh? Anyways gang, gots to go..have a good one!

PS- See the new SUPERMAN trailer!!!

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