Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Old Man Robb Tour 2005-06

Hellooooooooooooooo Webslingers and all of those not paying attention...ummmm that is ALL of you! I am here to make a grand announcement so listen up jerky...

Old Man Robb Tour 2005-06

Is coming to the Cape Breton and Antigonish area on August 6th and August 7th!!?!?!?!?!?!!!! Well the second piece of business is that i am seeing the Beach Boys on the 7th at Oland Field on the STFX University campus, with the doors opening at 11:00 am...i will be in the nosebleeds as usual and it should be good times seeing the Mike Love Show...so it is not the REAL Beach Boys (Missing the Wilsons and Al Jardine..) but it is a vacation nonetheless...
The First Piece of business is a trip to Cape Breton itself, i want to see where they filmed My Bloody Valentine AKA, The Syndey Mines and the surrounding area...does the bar in the film still exist today? And i am taking a side trip outside of Sydney...why? Just curiousity as to something....someone...just curiousity...plus while i am in Cape Breton i will probably pick up a Cape Breton Screaming Eagles shirt or hat or something...

Hey is, Lick A Chick still in business on the way to Cape Breton?

I took my nephew to see the new Bad News Bears movie, it was a good time as it was a showcase for Billy Bob Thorton and the kids were funny, esp the little fella who played Tanner...he was no Chris Barnes (What the hell ever happened to that kid? I thought he was a riot in the first two Bears classics!) but a good impression nonetheless...the movie was pretty un-PC, like the first and i think Greg Kinnear was esp good as the prick coach of the Yankees. One thing that Thorton did was make the role his own, and plus he is a man who should never wear his shirt unbuttoned (like Robbo) Sadly the Bears did not light up the boxoffice this weekend as it only took in around 15 million, i guess alot of people were taking their brats to see Willy Wanger or whatever it is called...is there a more overrated actor in the world than Johnny Depp? The only thing i have ever liked him in was A Nightmare on Elm Street and that is because of what me and me ol pal Barry called affectionately, "The Kool-Aid Scene" hahahahahahah!
Man actually last Thursday kinda sucked, well me and my nephew were all hyped for the PWU Wrestling show that was supposed to happen at the Berwick Arena and guess what? NO SHOW!!! I guess the promoter bailed after their show in Trenton and tried to hop a bus back to Halifax when he met an angry mob of wrestlers at the bus station. Also he abandoned the ring back in Trenton, which the wrestlers tried to retrieve and just couldn't deliever it on time for the Berwick show...man local wrestling has fallen on hard times eh? And how do you tell a kid that was so looking forward to it? Oh well i do hear that there may be another Grand Prix Wrestling tour come August so it may be all good after all....
The diet is going really well, i am down to 216 pounds and going to the gym here in Middleton as often as possible, what is my goal? To be around 190...who knows? Maybe get er down to around 180 pounds...look good and skinny for all the hoochie mommas that i can find eh?
So Sidney Crosby is a Pittsburgh Penguin!?!?!?!? Well now maybe they will get their new arena and stuff eh? Unless Mario goes down in the first 10 games with injury number 999...but nonetheless, Crosby-Mario andRecchi on the first line cannot be all that bad? Maybe Mark-Andre Fleury will be ready to take on the load and the Penguins will be on their way back towards the playoffs...i am glad that the NHL strike is officially toast and that all of the teams have a salary cap of 39 million a team, the Philedelphia Flyers are already buying out players like John Leclair and others...what this cap means is that it is the end of the million dollar penalty killer...give the big bucks to the stars and everyone else just fall back in line already ok?
Well the expected e-mail came from u know who... i cannot handle a casual relationship.. i guess i am not into sharing with others, it really didn't tickle, but i am fine as it is in the past and that is where it is staying.
So i am working on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...lotsa hours as one of our staff has left and that means more hours for Old Man Robb. Our first ever Sidewalk Sale in Middleton is taking place on Friday and that means i have to be there early, my parents are taking off for the weekend on Thursday morning (ok Old Man Robb that is like technically before the weekend..hello McFLy!) so it just me and the doggies for a few days. Actually last night i went for a long drive in the tracker and i went to Annapolis Royal and visited Fort Anne (really creepy in the dark!) and cheated on my diet (Brownies on the Moon Ice Cream....) and on the way back i saw a mini-putt golf course, ok so that is not so exciting but right next to it was a GO-KART TRACK!!!! Me and my nephew are SO going there! I do not know how much it is, but it looks like a hell of a lotta fun! I wonder if you can play Smach-Up Derby with the damned things? When i was a brat i LOVED Bumper cars at like the fairs and stuff
anyways that is enough babbling for one night for Old Man Robb! nite

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ODH said...


Good luck on the upcoming hockey season. I'm a HUGE fan of the game and play (club) regularly. Thanks for the www.IHateJohnnyDepp.com site.

ODH (Original Depp Hater)

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