Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm Only Happy When It Rains

Helllo there Webslingeroonies!!!!! Long time eh? Well how are things? Well not too too bad i suppose, lately it has been a reign of ups and downs, i passed in my resume to Michelin yesterday, driving all the way to Waterville with a rejected sticker on me Jeep, yep a rejected sticker... it is supposed to be fixed...this week. Anyways it was a complicated resume to fill out, aksing questions about levels of skills in team situations and team management and levels of education. Maybe they will stick me in a desk job..ha! So Monday i recieved a phone call from the Soc Dept at Acadia wondering if i was heading back this year...man ol ' Acadia never tires of recieving any of me cash that i don't have eh? Actually he was really nice, the man whom i assume is the new head of the dept and he has pointed me in the direction of some answers that i have been seeking for some time now...it is all a matter of finding out...also the human services dept of the Middleton Community College called me yesterday at work asking questions about if i am satisfied with their services that they provide, if i had found new employment and asking if i would be interested in attending a job seminar on the 22nd of this month around one in the afternoon... all these phone calls eh? Some sad news in the Acadia communiuty this week as a member of the Acadia Football team passed away in Ottawa at the age of twenty-six, it is so sad to think that someone's young life could be over so soon, so quickly without the chance to grow old or experience more living, what it must be like for his poor family.... a shame.... But he did live so much and contributed so much with all of the bad brakes that he recieved, he still held his head high... unlike others in life who just float around and wait for opportunity and do nothing, this young man really lived.
My nephew is down for the summer and he is staying at my brothers place. It is so boring for him being here, but better than in the city where one can get in trouble hanging around with older teenagers and stuff. My Dad wouldn't allow us to hang out at malls like a bunch of losers, loiterers. It is hard to tell my nephew that what he is doing is loitering....but kids are tough to talk to anyways... Actually it was funny as yesterday after mowing the yard i was preparing a Ploughman's Lunch and me nephew had no idea what in the hell i was talking about...for the uninitiated...

A ploughman's lunch is a midday meal often served in an English pub (as distinct from a Scottish pub). A ploughman's lunch usually consists of a lump of cheese (usually Cheddar or Stilton), pickle and salad, accompanied by crusty bread and butter.

As for the love life? Well we talk almost every night on MSN, planning on our next date, the first one almost two weeks ago was so awesome, that i would love to date her all the time...ahhhh Old Man Robb is turning into a mushy old man...jeeesh ...maybe i am just getting too soft in me old age... oh well i have to head to Halifax again soo because she has moved and well..just see her again.. any date ideas?

Well Webslingeroonies...i have to cash me big $65 GST Check and prep to work at 6:00 in Greenwood...lates!

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