Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Take It In

Hey yo Webslingeroonies! Well I went to the stag party the other night after work, it was fun as it was in the blue room at Doolies where everyone played free pool and the first drink was free. I had quite a bit to drink as i got caught up with some people from high school i hadn't seen in a dog's age, including one fella who i hadn't seen since the summer of 1993! I finally came home around 3 in the morning and well...slept in really good on Sunday. Yesterday i went to Acadia to the Continuing Education Centre which is located in Willet House, which used to be an all guys residence on the Acadia Campus. Did i find a suitable replacement for Sociology 2006? No i did not, am i giving up? No i am not. The next logical step is looking at other universities and seeing what they have to offer in the way of correspondence courses and seeing if there is something that would be recognized as being equivalent to 2006 at Acadia, that is what the new head of the department suggested as a starting point. Correspondence would be good as it would allow me to work at a course at my own pace and i am told that the professors that administer these courses usually give alot of feedback. The continuing & distance education guide has quite a few neat Soc courses that i would like to take in order to beef up my academic resume so that it would look good to the people in education. Getting into the education programme itself is competitive and a less than stellar mark does not help, but if they were to look at my overall sociological programme GPA, it may help as they told me that my overall marks are what are seen as being important and my record is not bad, not honors mind you, but not bad.
I took my nephew for a bit of an initiation yesterday as we went to the Anvil for lunch, and nto just any lunch, but we ordered Anvil Burgers!!! Basically they are simular to the burgers served at the Turkey Burger in New Germany. Six pound burgers and my nephew ate the whole thing! By the wait...the waitress was cute and i noticed my nephew checking her out! He was quite enthralled with the campus as it was hard to get him out of the bookstore where they sell quite a bit of Acadia merchandise, acutally i like their prices better than the arena version of the campus store...Cajuns, i just remembered what they called it! And the one in the SUB.
I need to get that boy some Acadia threads!
I recieved a notice in the mail from the Human Resource Center which is located at the Community College which is just up the street from my house, telling job advice and a free workshop calander including Resume building and job search tips and on Friday July 22nd, Michelin is hosting a seminar at 1:00 and Convergys is holding another at 2:30.
As far as the woman goes, we haven't talked too much lately, she has been ill and not feeling well, i want to see her again, i really actually do miss her (Yes...cue the Air Supply) Does she miss me? Only time will tell as she has not been on MSN much lately...Ohhhh ol Robbo is used to when the ladies don't want him around, it was a year ago around this time that i was used by someone, someone who is a LIAR and a USER and i don't care to think much of her as she knows what she can go do.....ok so i am not being much of a gentleman.... but many of my past mates really did not deserve me, not that i am much of a handsome, wheeling and dealing son of a gun, but for the fact that there was usually someone better out there that i usually passed up to go out with these...ummmm...twits...
Anyways...i hope to talk to her soon.
Anyways i have to go, already had lunch, walked the dogs, mowed the grass and the day is young...sigh

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