Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there kiddies! Where the hell did January go eh? Well i went to see the Axemen play UPEI on Friday night at Acadia Arena , i had a ticket but i mostly sat in the Alumni room and enjoyed the game from there, wish Keith's was the sponsor instead of Molson, but hey a cold brew so we should take what we can get! Anyways we won both on Friday and Saturday so that is good as playoff time is approaching steadily! After the game i went to Legend's Lounge and it was hysterical as the place was full of barflys, an old co-worker of mine was there and we hung out for awhile, man there were lots of scantily clad women there that was for sure! But i bet if i went all of the time, then it would get boring rather quickly.... i saw that one that was an aquantance of mine...lame..totally lame. Never would she come over and say hi, she was sitting with a group of friends and no i was not walking over and embaressing myself in public, so i waited and waited and waited...nope she would not work up the courage to walk over and say hi and collect her drink that i had promised her. So too bad for her...now was Old Man Robb playing hard to get on Friday night? Usually i play hard to want, but after lots of teasing on a couple of different sites, i figured that she wanted to chat...well honey is it more like see ya later, you have just become a spectator! Maybe she wanted to be pursued, who knows? But it was more to me like she couldn't dare to get away from her friends for like five minutes, you know what i mean...do something outside of the group that would possibly incure their wraith for daring to be different, i used to find that when i was younger that friends would get pissed off if one was not to follow the status quo and just be one of the gang instead of being an individual.

What exactly is an individual kiddies?

Individualism is a moral, political, and social philosophy, which emphasizes individual liberty, belief in the primary importance of the individual, and in the "virtues of self-reliance" and "personal independence". "Individualism" embraces opposition to authority, and to all manner of controls over the individual, especially when exercised by the political state or "society." It is thus, directly-opposed to collectivism which advocates subordination of the individual to the will of the society or community. It is often confused with "egoism," but an individualist need not be an egoist.
It is somebody doing their own thing, no matter what it is, being by themselves, going somewhere by themselves, listening to music or dressing the way that they choose, rather than what a group of people like to dictate.
Maybe i am more of a rugged individual? Who the hell knows?
Anywho gang, January is over pretty much and i am working tonight and tomorrow in Middleton, so i will check back in later!

PSssssssssst- Enjoy the Huntingtons! I Wanna Be A Ramone!!!!

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Renegade of Funk said...

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