Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Small, But Fiesty!

Hello my bloggeronies!!! Old Man Robb is in the computer room!!! Well what is a happening? Tonight i am going to see my alma mater, the Axemen take on UPEI at 7:30!!! We are in second place as we speak and have clinched a playoff birth!!! What a week huh? We have a new Prime Minister and Mario retires! I guess those wheeling stealing Libreals are out of power for the next four years eh? Unless Harper screws up big time or pulls a Joe Clark and calls an election..we shall have to see eh? Lots of neglect, esp to military, only one doctor in four and a lack of jobs and an astronomical high cost of living and many people coming out of university find that the only jobs that they are getting are those of delivering pizzas and working in convienience stores, no not me, i am heading back to school next September come hell or high water. At least Harper told the US to mind its business as far as Canadian affairs go, but that may not stop the huge tiger known as America, The US is in desperate shape due to initiating the conflict in Iraq and some believe that we are without peace in this crazy old world due to the morals of the American government. Someone told me that the Americans should stop sticking its nose into other people's business and instead focus on their own internal problems at home. Besides, Iraq is becoming another Vietnam War, something that does not seem winnable at all.

"Indeed, more US troops have died in Iraq in the eight months since the US war began than were killed during the first three years of the US war in Vietnam, which the Pentagon says officially began on December 11, 1961.
A November 13 Reuters analysis of US defence department statistics showed that in Vietnam the US military had suffered 392 fatal casualties from 1962 through 1964, when US troop levels stood at just over 17,000. As of December 1, 437 US troops have died in Iraq since March 20, when the US invasion began. Of these, 79 died in November, the highest monthly casualty rate so far.
Estimates of total US casualties since the invasion of Iraq began vary, but according to Florida's Orlando Sentinel, almost 10,000 US soldiers have either been killed, wounded, injured in accidents or become ill enough to be evacuated. Pentagon numbers reported by the newspaper showed 9675 casualties as of November 28. This amounts to almost an entire army division having been put out of action.
It has also taken much less time for US public opinion to turn against the war in Iraq than it took to turn against the Vietnam War.
Taking the Pentagon's official date of December 1961 for the start of the US war in Vietnam, it was more than six years into the war before a majority — 53% — of US voters said the war was a mistake. It has taken only seven months of war in Iraq for a similar percentage to reach this conclusion, according to USA Today/CNN/Gallup polls."

It is sad eh?

Ok. let's cheer up!
A female aquantence of mine told me to show up at Legend's Lounge in Coldbrook tonight after the game, but she will be there with a large amount of people. Hmmm..doesn't sound too fun huh? I told her i would buy her a drink, she said that if i could find her, i could. I offered to buy her two drinks and she said ok. Ummm folks, i am not going to beg someone buy feeding them alcohol.. if a person really wanted to meet with me, they would do so alone, not meet at some place that i got bored of back in 1995-96! Anyways that is a rant huh?
Oh!!! I bought Sloan's greatest hits CD the other day in New Minas, called "A Side Wins" of course everyone will complain where is this song and where is that song? But for a novice looking for essential Sloan, this is a good place as any to start, plus it comes with a bonus DVd with videos and live performences, and a live performance of "The Rest of My Life" comes straight from their performence last year at Acadia, wish i had been there! :(
Oh well saw the band in 2000-01 in the SUB and at Mount A in 2003-02 and definitly would again!
Betcha i show up anyways, she is a cutie
Anyhow i have to get a move on, told a friend i would meet them for a Tim Horny's downtown, so i shall chat later gators!!!

I finally found The Dishrags- Past is Past!!!!

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