Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Still Life

Hello there Bloggeroonies! How the hell is everyone on this not so snowy at all in the Valley day? Well i braved quite the freezing rain storm last Wednesday to go and see the Axemen mangle STFX 8-3, it has been a better rivalry in recent years, but now STFX is in a rebuilding stage, much like we were a few years ago. Listened to the weekend games on the radio and i am so glad that we clinched a playoff birth. I actually went to the movies this weekend and went and seen Hostel ummmmmmmm...It's not for the squeamish, but in my opinion, WHAT A KICK ASS FILM!!! It is funny cause the film starts off as if it is like Euro Trip or any number of teenage American films like American Pie or Road Trip, but then WHAMMO!! It turns into quite a nasty, piece of work, we're talking a severed head, a bloody headshot, mucho human limbs, a open chest mess, nasty scalpel cuts and an eye ball “thing” that had me laughing out loud at how gross it was were on the menu, anyways it is worth checking out, just don't eat any spaghetti or anything beforehand. So my nephew had his first basketball game this weekend and while they lost, he has another game at Annapolis on Friday and i am going to go watch him play since i have the day off on Friday. I found a new website called PlentyofFish and it is a free website where one can go on and meet lots of girls and it says what it is that they are looking for, i put my picture on there and i scored like a 3/10...oh well there is more to life then good looks, it is the person, not how they look..oh someday i shall find her, that one that shall like me for whom i am, not what i can do for her or how much (or how little) money that i have...someday i shall find her...ohhhhh well, and plus so many of the women on there want this and want that also, and sometimes that in itself is a big turnoff.. i think that people should just let things flow naturally, just relax, have a couple of pops and see where it goes from there...
Anyways folks, i am working at 6 in Middleton, time to go walk the dogs have a good one!

Check out this clip from the new KISS DVD "Rock The Nation"- Tears Are Falling

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