Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

200th POST!!!!

Hey hey slingers! What the hell is a happening?!??!? Well i have been a busy boy, i applied to a new position at Acadia called, Youth Business Service Coordinator at the Acadia Centre for Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Hopefully it will go well. The deadline is Friday and then they will be calling be people up. Tomorrow is the big meeting in Lawerencetown and however tonight i will be going to see the current #2 movie in North America, The Benchwarmers. Critics will be eating this one alive, but it will be good to see Jon Heder on the big screen again. The Job Resource Centre at the Middleton NSCC is offering resume seminars this month, i was thinking of going and touching up the ol resume. This recipie looks nasty, but i bet if i was tanked on the old Colt 45, it would rule! Did anyone catch the Canada-Russia 2 part flick on CBC? Man that ol Bobby Clarke sure wielded his stick like a machete. I was upset that they portrayed Alan Eagelson as a hero, knowing that he ripped off so many good players. Hey there are two NHL exhibition games coming this September, too bad they cost like $130 dollars and you gotta buy the tickets as a package, hope some singles become available soon! The ol Herald still keeps giving the Extreme Combat card in Halaifax free publicity i see, crazy eh? Some 3,000 tickets sold and not a lick of advertising paid for! Hey i have Saturday off! Anyways i am off...have a good one!

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