Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Zipper Catches Skin

Hey there bloggeronies! How the hell is everyone? Well i have been applying and applying for jobs..to no avail, but still giving it the old try, the other day i applied for a job at STFX in Human Resources, wait and see i guess and there is a job listed on a site called http://www.workforstudents.com/ that i got out of the back of the paper the other day, so we shall see how that goes...STFX wouldn't be so bad, i would get to join some 3rd Floor Alumni like that crazy Bullen and Old Man Russell... Funny how all of a sudden the Nova Scotia government is lipping off about students leaving NS for greater pastures elsewhere...well genius all of the good students are leaving because there are no jobs for us! And the old fogeys that have the jobs are sure as hell not going to step aside to let someone a little younger, a little better and a little faster take their frickin position away from them now are they? That is why during interviews alot of us do not get jobs because the person interviewing is nervous that this new kid is going to suprass them...and why not? I am not going to stay in good ol NS forever if i cannot get a job that is somewhat related to my degree...help others? Well i have been doing that..volunteer jobs? Been there, done it...you have to get experience to have experience and i think i am past my due, i deserve my moment. Education is a right, not a privilege, soon very soon the universities of the Maritimes are going to be a Richie Rich club, only the richest and best off students are going to get a chance to go and recieve a post-secondary education. Now should i go out to Alberta? Why should i have to break my back at an oil field? I owe the government over $30,000...now true that i could have it paid back hella quick via working the rigs, but then what? I am done, back home in NS and still no related job to what i want...sucks eh? It is the lack of jobs that send us away fellas, do something about that instead of bitchin..we do have the highest tuition rates in the country as well...something about that too ok? Well..saw the Rocket movie Sunday night at the Empire in New Minas. A very well done pic that will no doubt find some space on Robbo's DVD shelf. I found the movie reminded me alot of Rocky (Can't wait for Part VI!!!) in that it shows Richard becoming a symbol for the working class of Quebec in the late 40s and throughout the 1950s. Maurice Richard had to overcome so many challenges and obstacles. He was the greatest hockey player of his era, but yet unfairly treated and was even cheated in his scoring titles. I saw him when i was small, he was the referee for a Habs oldtimers game at the fabulous Forum in Halifax circa 1980, after the game i went with my family to a restaurant called Champs in Dartmouth (and that restaurant was like gone the next year!) Anyways i was very nervous and approached the Rocket, who turned and looked at me with that famous glare of his, put his arm around me and gave me his autograph...wow eh?..oh if you check a link back i included the famous short "The Sweater" The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, is typically Canadian. It defines our national icons and, at the same time, highlights the universal notions of rivalry and camaraderie, cultural duality - anglophone and francophone - and common traits...i watched it as a kid and again when i attended Mount Allison in my Canadian Sports class...and yes i do believe that the Canadian flag should have been at half mast for our fallen soldiers in Afghanistan..jeesh, is the government becoming that insensitive? . So what do ya all think of the playoffs? The Habs lost to the refereeing ...i mean Hurricanes last night.....what the hell is that on their jersey's anyways? Something a 3 yr old drew with an Etch a Sketch?!?!?!?!?!, the Oilers may be pulling the upset of the playoffs over the Old Wings...i mean Red Wings...and Ottawa can go up tonight over Tampa Bay, see the Chara- Lecavalier fight? Chara could have killed him, but let up. I can only imagine the riot if he had unloaded on poor Vinny. So the Alice Cooper concert (W/ Special Guests Canada's HELIX!!) will be in town at the Halifax Metro Centre on Wednesday, May 3rd...less than a week away..awesome! Maybe i'll snag a t-shirt, depends on the ol price, plus i have parking to worry about as well..oh my oh my... Anyways folks i am working at 6:00 at the store formerly known as Andrew's and i am prepping pork chops for supper...have a good one!!!

PSssssssssssssssst- The Clash: Rock The Casbah!! (My old buddy Craig will love this one!!)

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