Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Never Had No One Ever

Hey slingers! Its been awhile eh? Well i made the trek to Hfx to see the Juno Cup on Friday! It was fun as there were some 3,500 fans at the Fabulous Forum of Halifax! Awesome to see Paul Coffey (Who could probably still play! If Chelios can play in Detroit...than Paul could play somewhere) Kirk Muller, Russ Courtnall, Mark Napier (What happened to his 1982 mullet?) and of course lots of the Trailer Park Boys including Randy coaching the whole game with his shirt off ...in the cold old Forum too! Imagine if it was the ol Bowles Arena?!?!?! By the way, the oldtimers won 12-11... Watched Wrestlemania 22 here at the ol house on Sunday (At a cost of $49.99!?!?!??!) No bars around seemed to be showing it and that is weird cause Wrestlemania always filled the bars! I wished Bret Hart would have shown up at the event (he was there for the Hall of Fame) it was an ok Wrestlemania, but not as fun as the old days when it would be held on the big screen at the Forum and the place would actually be filled to watch it! The Habs and Bruins play tonight, i am working at the store formerly known as Andrew's tonight, so i will only get to see the 3rd period. Hey wanna watch Scarface in like a minute? Watch this video..awesome! It had me on the floor roaring the other night... Do i ever love this new channel we have called the Fight Network...all kinds of UFC style stuff, wrestling (including ROH!) and boxing...Dad really likes it... I have not seen one advertisement for the MMA card at the Forum, yet word of mouth from all the do gooders in the paper complaining have sold the event some 3,000 tickets so far...now that is the best kind of advertising eh? I wish city council would find themselves something better to do than whine and bitch about something money making coming to town, hate it when people try to dictate what others should watch..like the MPAA when they cracked down on horror flicks in the early 80s and when the PMRC declared war on heavy metal around 1985 or so, let people decide what they wish to hear or view ok guys? Now am i saying that a 10 yr old can watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Hell no! Or should a 5 yr old be listening to Black Sabbath? NO! Good parenting is what is needed there, many people use the television as a babysitter instead of spending time with their children. Be careful with the example that you set as a parent (realize that as a parent, you set an example). Children learn many of their values and ideas from their parents.. I mean we had fun for hours playing road hockey and simple pleasures like fishing, flying a kite... simple stuff..lawn darts, lawn bowling. Oh i dunno.... maybe people are too damn lazy for their own good. What can you do eh? Anyways i am going to take the dogs for a walk and work at 6:00...have a good one!

Psssssst...The Misfits- SCREAM!

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