Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Delusional Me

Hello bloggeronies! What is a happening? Ummm...not too too much i imagine. Well i went to see a very funny (in moi opinion) movie at the Zedex, as in Beerfest! Which i asked my coolest new friend some 999 times to go see. Well it was hysterical in that i don't know how it was not rated R, lots of kids there and now lots of them know the drinking games that i have picked up on over the last 5-7 yrs, except in their case they will all now be prepped for college/ university because now they all know them early. Awesome games like beer pong and others, hey that site has a design your own table feature which seems pretty cool. Do you know what beer pong is? Well i will try my best to explain...

1) You need 2 or 4 people (head to head or 2 on 2)
2) What do you need to play? 14 12 ounce plastic cups (6 per team and 2 water cups)
2 ping-pong balls in case one gets lost, 2-4 beers per game and a flat-level playing surface.
3) The object of the game? To sink all of the other teams cups.
4) How to start? Winning team shoots first. If the night is just beginning or the winning team has resigned then a player from each team will shoot on the count of three while looking each other in the eye. If the player from Blue makes his cup and the player from Red doesn't, the next player on Blue will shoot. If they both make or miss, the next shooters on each team will shoot in the same fashion. This continues until the outcomes are different.
5) Each team shoots twice per turn. If both players make their shots, the balls are returned and receive an extra turn
6) The ball can be thrown or bounced into the cup. Depending on the length of the table, your elbow may not be allowed to cross the end of the table while shooting. (Good rule for shorter tables). If leaning is permitted, you can lean over the table but may not touch. If the ball somehow lands in the middle of 3 or 4 cups all cups are considered sunk. (very rare, easier when bouncing)
7) A cup is sunk as soon as the ball touches the contents of the cup. If a ball is spinning in the cup you may attempt to blow it out before it touches the cups contents. (Warning: If the ball touches the contents and then you blow it out and it lands in another cup, both cups are considered sunk). If a team shoots and hit the other team's cup the team who had the cup that was sunk drinks the contents. Team members alternate drinking cups. If a person shooting knocks over the other teams cup unintentionally the cup is considered sunk. If you knock over one of your own cups, it is considered sunk.
8) Game ending situations: Note: redemption round means last turn by the team on the verge of losing. Just as in a regular turn, if two shots are made in a row you get another bonus round keeping the game alive. A) The opposite team has 1 or 2 cups left. If your team hits two in a row there is no redemptionB)If the other team has one cup left and you only hit one out of 2 shots the other team has 2 shots (one for each player) to sink your remaining cups. If they sink the rest of your cups they force overtime.
9) Overtime: If a team hits the remaining cups during redemption overtime is forced. Overtime consists of each team setting up 3 cups in a triangle format using a beverage to fill them up. The team who hit the last cup first shoots first in overtime. Overtime is played like a normal game with the same rules applied (i.e. overtime can be forced again following the same process).
10) Misc Rules: Cups are rearranged after 2 cups are hit to a diamond formation (1 cup, 2 cups, then one cup). All taunting must be done behind the table (if you interfere and hit the other teams shot you have to take a cup away).

Got all that? hahahahaha

What else is new? The Axemen defeated SMU 30-28 at Huskie Stadium on Friday night, i wish i had been there , had an offer to go to the game, but i had to work at nthe store formerly known as Andrew's on Friday. The scouts were there from the Montreal Alouettes were there keeping their eye on one of their coveted draft picks. Actually yesterday Mount Allison kept STFX at bay, but ultimately lost 38-21. I think i may take the 7th of October off and watch the Axemen take on SMU in a rematch. So me and my coolest newest friend watched a couple of movies the other day, Sorority Boys (A coveted fav of mine!) and the original Dawn of the Dead! We actually went out to Wal-Mart last night and i bought a 30 pack of CD's that i can use to make more Black Sabbath mixes!!! and we ate at one of the Chinese restuarants in New Minas. We were told at the door that it was still buffet time, but when we sat down this older waitress told us that the buffet was over at 8 and we could take 2-3 plates to our table if we so desired..some people eh? I actually bought a pair of Nike's the other day for $59 dollars which led Captain Redneck to go on one of his rants about spending cash on this and that..attention K-Mart shoppers..Captain Redneck is in the house!!! Oh yeah i just remembered the Walk of Shame chant from Sorority Boys..it goes something like this....

"The girl was fair
Who went upstairs
With her favourite KOK
She knocked around
And came back down,
And now she takes the walk
The Walk of Shame - She's not to blame.
Who could resist the KOK?
The Walk of Shame,
She found her fame,
And now she takes the walk!"

Evil? Yeah...funny? ummmmmmmmm yeah!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Another definition of Walk of Shame is as follows...
The Walk of Shame is the tired, drunken stagger of someone who can't possibly drink any more and is in danger of doing something foolish so has left, been escorted from or been kicked out of the bar. It encompasses everything that happens on the way home - the banging into lamp posts, the talking to mailboxes, the singing to yourself on the bus that you think no one else can hear, the losing of your keys that were in your pocket the whole time and the unenviable task of dealing with your far soberer roommates, waiting with eyebrows cocked, when you finally make it home. In certain circles, The Walk is both a coming-of-age ritual and proof positive that you ain't a professional drinker. Contradictory, but most community-type hazing/acceptance thingies are.
There are two ways to avoid the walk. Three, really, but the third is more of a coping strategy than a preemptive strike.
You can not drink that much, which is smart, true, but less fun.
You can pass out on a park bench and tell your roommates that you got laid. This never works, but is funny, and you think it'll work at the time. Or,
You can do it so often that it a. becomes less of a novelty and b. raises your alcohol tolerance so it happens less. This is very expensive.
If confronted with the walk, don't be too hard on yourself. It happens to the best of us, but please, please don't make the situation any worse by doing anything else other than going home, throwing up if necessary, drinking a few pints of water, taking some Tylenol and Vitamin C and passing out. It's far less interesting to hear about than you think.

Wanna know what is sad though? Acadia trying to cover up why first year enrolment is down this year, of course they are not releasing specific numbers as to why it is down or how much exactly it is down, SMU is down some 6-7 %. Acadia had to close Tower and is laying off lots of staff. Why? a Record high rate of tuition. No wonder students are leaving in droves to go elsewhere or go to NSCC to get their education. And i wonder...who is getting what with the cash? The mind boggles and the stomach turns my friends.
What happened in Montreal was senseless and to have it happen some 17 years after the shootings at the École Polytechnique de Montréal ...what is the world coming to? And everyone is asking the same questions to me how come again in Montreal?
Well folks what is happening this week? Well i am getting Hepatitis shots on Tuesday and i have Friday off..any suggestions..ladies? No? oh well what is new eh?
Have a good one folks!

PS- Ramones: We Want The Airwaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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