Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Difference

Hey bloggeronies!!! What is a happening? What is happening in the world of Old Man Robb?

A drum roll please......................

GUNS N' F'N ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!

Guns N' Roses are coming to the Halifax Metro Centre on Monday, November 20th at 8 PM and tickets are going on sale this coming Saturday at 9 am!!!! Am i going? Hell yeah! Christmas comes early for Old Man Robb this year...will Axl be on his best behavior? No? Neither will Old Man Robb!!! Awesome..just awesome!
Well what else is a happening? My Mother purchased a new book for me titled simply, "Japan" and it is the be all, end all guide to living in Japan, for example advice on how to eat in a Japanese restaurant...

"When you eat at a resturant in Japan, you will be greeted with a hearty 'irasshaimase!' (Welcome!). In all but the most casual places the waiter will next ask you
'Nan-mei sama?' (How many people?). Answer with your fingers, which is what the Japanese do. You will then be lead to your table, a place at the counter or a tatami room.
At this point you will be given an oshibori (a hot towel), a cup of tea and a menu. The oshibori is for wiping your hands and face. When you are done with it, just roll it up and leave it next to your place. Now comes the hard part: ordering. If you don't read Japanese you can use the romanised translations in the book to help you, or direct the waiter's attention to the Japanese script. If this does not work there are two phrases that can help you:
'O-susume wa nan desu ka?' (What do you recommend?) and 'O-makase shimasu' (Please decide for me). If you are still having problems, you can try pointing at other diners food or, if the restuarant has them, dragging the waiter outside to point at the food models in the window.
When you are finished eating, you can signal for the bill by crossing one index finger opver the other to form the sigjn of an X. This is the standard sign for 'cheque please'. You can also say
'O-kanjo kudasai'. Remember there is no tipping in Japan and tea is always free of charge. Usually you will be given a bill to take to the cashier at the front of the restaurant. At more upmarket places, the host of the party will discreetly excuse him or herself to pay before the group leaves. Unlike some places in the West, one does not leave cash on the table as way of payment. Only the bigger and more international places take credit cards, so cash is always the surer option.
When leaving, it is polite to say to the restuarant staff, 'Gochiso-sama deshita' which means 'It was a real feast'

Wow!!! Heavy stuff indeedy!

Well i am still hanging out with my coolest new friend. I think she is getting used to me. I imagine i probably get on her nerves alot of the time, you know me...mr permently happy. Well maybe i am not happy all of the time..well i am most of it. Lots of girls i used to see didn't seem to like having a happy go-lucky guy around, they were probably all closet-emo cases. Actually the worst kind of ladies i ever dated were single child's. Why? Well most of them were spoiled rotten by their parents and wanted the world on a silver platter. Most of them also wanted my wallet to be like their parents and be a bottomless pit. I like my newest friend alot...tough when i am going so far far away and finding someone that makes me smile so much eh? Tomorrow i have an appointment at Scotiabank at 2:00 to see about me possibly getting a VISA card...good stuff! Well every team in the AUAA lost this weekend to football squads from Quebec. I have not been hearing the end of it all week especially since Acadia dropped out of the top ten standings. All four Atlantic teams will get a shot for revenge at their Quebec counterparts on October 21st. I am going on Friday to pick up tickets for Acadia VS SMU on October 7th. I will take my nephew with me again, i will have to get higer seats so that his little midget self can see the game. I was on campus at Acadia yesterday getting some pointers about Japanses culture and also making the rounds and visiting with old friends and some of my old professors, many of whom were supportive on my going to Japan and i was encouraged to see as many sites as humanly possible while i am there, i am currently planning to stay more than one year there, but i am taking the attitude of staying one so that i will inspire myself to see everything, to always be active and not be a hermit. An old friend of mine from Mount A is going here now and remembered me from living in Harper..actually she screamed when she saw me. Went to see another old friend of mine yesterday. I am no shrink, but i really hate to see people sad and i always feel powerless to help some of them. Captain Redneck had one of his fits yesterday, calling me a whore endless times in front of someone i care about. There is funny, and then there is overdoing it to the point of being annoying and in need of being told to F off. So i have another Friday off....hint hint hint...
What to do? Well i am working at the store formerly known as Andrew's at 6, so i am going to walk the doggies and wait it out...have a good one!

PS- Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Love Comes in Spurts!!!!!!!!!!

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