Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Longest Time Gone


What is happening bloggeronies? Well i have disappeared off the face of the earth eh? Nope i have been a busy little man and doing well...all kinds of stuff! Well last time i was babbling i was heading to our staff party...it was fun, took my Jack and Coke and well drank alot, didn't get sick and everyone got to see my KISS boxer shorts! Long story.. The next night i went to see Bad Cop: Bon Cop and it was an hysterical story about Quebec-Canada relations, ever time i see Colin Feore i think of that Trudeau mini series and i loved the digs at hockey culture in Canada, esp Rick Mercier playing a Don Cherry knock-off and Gary Buttman, an obvious parody of you know who. I went to Acadia Admissions the other day and i paid my $5 plus that i owed them from back in 2003 and i also took the liberty of buying myself an Acadia Alumni t-shirt at long last. I heard back from Nova Japan and now that they have my Employment Documents in hand at their Toronto Offices, Nova is now preparing the Visa application for submission to their foreign personnel office in Japan and from there are sending everything to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration in order to apply for my certificate of eligibility...whew! Went with my brother and his son to Frenchy's the other night....really hysterical to watch those two bicker over used clothing for over an hour, plus there was a William Shatner VHS on home safety that i so should have bought myself. Well just this past Saturday i took in seeing the football Axemen take on the Mount Allison Mounties. We won 34-9, but the game was alot closer than it was let on. Hopefully this is the year that the Mounties break that five year losing streak, it was kind of surreal seeing them score a touchdown. After the game i showed my nephew the Library and ran into a couple of friends of mine from Mount A and they want me to come up there to party before i head for Japan, we also took a side trip to Billy Bob's and had some of their awesome monster-sized pizza slices, ok so it is not the famous Pizza Corner, but it is good enough. We also made a trip to the Market in Wolfville, where i always used to go to get awesome poster decorations for my room before the start of every school year. I have a new friend here and we have been hanging out, not doing too much but watching some movies the other night, as a matter of fact we watched My Bloody Valentine, Rumble in the Bronx and Shogun Assassin for a triple feature the other night. I know those are some good ol fashioned Robbo classics eh? My old pal Bullen sent me an article from the Ath called "Farewell Crowell Tower" it was a good read, a bit of a tug at the heartstrings..but a good read nontheless..will it stay closed? Who knows? It is a bit old and run down and i guess they are right in calling it the Ghetto of Acadia, but maybe if the old tuition comes down just a tad, then just maybe people will filter back and stuff.. or they will just tear the old thing down and make it a parking lot..so who knows? I finally got my Star Wars special edition DVD that has the original on it. So weird to not see a New Hope before the opening scroll, but so worth it to see Han shoot Greedo first! Anyways folks i am off, i am going to go see Beerfest tonight at the base, my new friend does not want anything to do with Beerfest even though i told her that it is probably Oscar material (More like Razzie material!) Anyways folks...have a good one!

PS- Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies: Science Fiction Double Feature

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Kimberley said...

"there was a William Shatner VHS on home safety that i so should have bought myself"
ya rly. or you should have taken me to frenchies; i would have bought it myself, vhs player or no!

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