Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Target Me

Hey gang

What is a happening? Well not too too much except tonight is the night of the Store Formerly known as Andrew's staff party!!! Didn't have one last year and it is starting at 9:00 at Doolies in Gwood tonight. Cannot wait! Even Ol Tash is going and my old buddy Shelly!!! And i have tomorrow off to sleep it off. I have a couple of invites to do stuff tomorrow, one is to go to Legends in Coldbrook and one is to go to PJ's Lounge in Middleton of all frickin places. Dunno if i will go to either. Both of them always play all that repetitive dance music crap, we talking lowest common denomenator shit. So i sent all of my stuff to the Japanese Consolate in Japan via Priority Post and today i had to send them a blank envelope of all things so they can send my Visa and all the rest of my stuff back to me. I recieved info from Nova Japan yesterday about my arrival at Narita Airport on January 10th about how i have to show my passport, collect my luggage, go through customs. Nova made a tentative plan for my journey which includes departing the airport via bus and going to my apartment. There will be a representative from Nova with me for most if not all of the duration of my arrival. The apartment in which i will be living is entitled Lions Mansion Yatsuka Ekimae and i will have two male roomates so no Three's Company happening here folks! My rent per month is 65,000 Yen which is according to the Currency Converter is approx $636.88 Canadian.
So i had a date last Saturday with a fellow ESL teacher who is going back to Korea in January. It was ok, like i said i dunno how into the dating scene i am right now, but it was fun to peel out of Middleton for a bit and go somewhere else for awhile.
Christmas is in 10 days and it is starting to get to my Mother, we are going to celebrate it up at my brothers in Kentville this year, there are some people who i would really love to kick in the ass who just keep voicing and voicing their opinions and i wish they would really keep them to themselves if they have nothing better to say. As a matter of fact i am sick of sooky people as well who always have people fawning over them, like who the fuck are they are what the fuck have they ever done? Wha Wha Wha is what they do and people pay fucking attention to them!
Unfuckingbelivable! What have i ever done? I have earned everything i have ever thrived to do, suffer a little set back? Get back up. Did i let some previous problems slow me down? Yes i did to an extent, what did i do? I got a boost and got the frig back up! Did i accomplish what i wanted? Yes i graduated high school and no one said i could, i graduated Acadia and no one said i could, i am going to Japan and i know there are people snickering in the corner and those who want me to fail, am i? Maybe..maybe not but if i do not last in Japan, i will bounce back. That is the difference right there i am afraid boys and girls....

That Old Man Robb can rant eh?

Took Mom to Subway today in Greenwood and treated her to lunch as a family we are trying stay chin up about everything, be as upbeat as possible. Mom doesn't like that i am leaving, but what choice do i really have in the matter? I have to start my career, i have to pay back my student loan, Mom told me not to worry about that part of it tht we would pay for it, but what the hell does that really accomplish in the end? I would still be at the Store Formerly Known as Andrew's and still in Middleton with two degrees and nothing at all to show for it.
Actually i think i should be given a medal of honor for last Friday, i departed good and early and bought everyone's Christmas present, the only person i have yet to buy for is my Mother and i have her gift on reserve. I remember leaving Middleton and it was only raining, came out of the mall in NewMinas and it was like the snowstorm from hell! So i hope everyone appreciates their
presents even more! I thought i saw those AT-AT things from the Empire Strikes Back were going to start walking across the parking lot in New Minas! I got off the 101 in Aylesford and drank a Needs coffee of all things and it took me a good hour to get from Aylesford to Middleton!!! I remember Tash asked if i needed a Tim Hortons coffee, i told her we should go to the Capital instead and drink 5 or 6 Keiths!
I am really glad to be back in touch with my old pal Gorgeous Glen who was my RA in Tower during 2002-03! He has his own blog and he says he is very entertained with what i have provided in mine. Glad to see ya again old buddy!
Well Kimberley left for home today for the Xmas Holidays, her BF was here at 9:00 this morning. I was glad that i was able to get my Xmas gift to get yesterday while she was home, i really hope that she likes it as she says she is not opening it till Christmas Day. Do i wish things were different? Of course i do, but they are not and slowly i have to accept that. Time is irreplaceable and not coming back...I'll miss seeing her over the holidays.
Well what else is a happening? Well how's about this coming Wednesday? What the hell is happening Wednesday? Cue the music..........drumroll.......... ROCKY BALBOA OPENS IN NEW MINAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And me and Blair are going to be there! Still going to the gym here in town and now i am down to around 210/ 209 pounds...a few years ago i hovered around the 240 pound mark, would love to be below the 200 pound mark before i depart for Japan. Now that would kick all kinds of ass! Again so weird leaving my Mom behind with everyone else...i really wanted the Hollywood ending you know what i mean? But instead i get the Old Man Robb ending, but that is ok because that is the way it is supposed to be, going on and on and on all alone and hopefully finally making my mark, I'm sick of being caught in yesterday.
it's my time so everyone else should kind of step out of the way.

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