Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oh Canada!

Hello Bloggeronies!

What is a happening in Robert Reid Hawley land? Well i went to Gordie Howe Day the other day in Kentville and it was nice to finally meet Mr Hockey! He also had a Don Cherry impersonator with him who did a really good job of emulating Grapes! A nice afternoon indeedy! My buddy Blair was his annual BBQ yesterday and i took my Keiths and well cut myself off at 12:30 last night, i must be getting older than the Rolling Stones if i am now cutting myself off...it was a sense of deja vu...of dangerous deja vu and so i took a walk to Subway, had a snack and went home. Today? What to do on our countrys bday? Well i have an offer to go to Hfx, but it depends on the availibility of wheels me thinks. If not, just a peaceful day in the Valley. I really wish we were getting the Aerosmith/ Cheap Trick concert that PEI is getting, then i would be in Hfx hook or crook! LOL! But i wanna go to Hfx anyways. I read yesterday in the paper that NS is finally thinking of getting with the program and cutting back getting a Bachlor of Education to a one year programme in our universities. About frickin time boys! Everywhere else in Canada and in lots of places in the States the program is just one year. We have a situation of lots of old teachers retiring or taking early retirement and they need bodies to fill those postions and they need them in a bad way! Lots of potential education students are saying the hell with two years and just going to other universities to get their bachlor of education degrees. Even i was thinking of going to stay with my Sister in Seattle and go to school there or going to Fort Kent in Maine cause i was not too too keen on spending two more years at Acadia, cause then you have to pay for two more years where in other places you are only paying for one year. I wanna be a good teacher, not an average one. I have seen way too many teachers take the easy way out, you know they just show up and put in another day with little to no effort on their behalf. They are only in it for the cash, not the education. Those kind of teachers need to go i thinks. I have had and worked with many like this. Some just dont deserve to have a job in education whether it be higher or lower or whatever. I one time even had a prof who didnt even have a teaching degree! What the hell? Kids attending schools deserve better i thinks.
Ranting Robbie!
I am also rejoining Fitness Experience over here in Middleton, time to get a bit of the ol gut that seemed to pick up in Japan, well i did have a gut to begin with, but too much rice, pasta and plain ol eating out at greasy spoons in Japan didnt help matters much, it was delicious..well most of the time, but i now the old belly needs to shrink down some. Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could lose weight without exercising or dieting? LOL! Old Man Robb...sometimes you kill me!
So i am off gang, already woke up this morning and now it is time to walk the dogs! Lates!

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