Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday The 12th

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello people!

How are things with Old Man Robert Reid Hawley The first? Well the job thingy kinda hit a snag the other day. How come? Well the job is 40 minutes away from the house and i have no available wheels right now and the cost of getting a rental car for 6 weeks of training was too cost prohibitive. I was hoping an old pal of mine who was also interested in the job would go for it cause he has experience in that field, i was willing to pay for gas and everything, but he decided he too would rather do something more local. What to do now? Well i made some calls yesterday and i am waiting to hear back from some certain people. It seems the only way to get ones attention and show that you really really wanna job is to bug bug and bug, a relative of mine did that and he now has a good paying job. Why? Cause he was in their face all the time till somewhere in their infinite wisdom they figured we might as well give the job to this guy because he sure as hell is not gonna frickin leave! So that is part of my new strategy. Sure i wanted this other job, which has one heck of a high turnover rate here in the Valley, but i am bugging this other place now, why wait till August 6th for these things to be posted? There is another job option in Kentville, i dont even have to drive there to submit a resume, but they need experience in the computer field, and while i did have a laptop (Or craptop) at Acadia for all those years and still have my own today, i dont think it would be a good fit. So keep at it, cause i need those outstanding student loans paid off in time for next year to take place. I seem to be set on the teaching thing now, i had a taste of it, well sort of had a taste of it in Japan, it was basically like here you go punk, now you are an instructor...go teach! However i need formal training and with the amount of teachers here in the Maritimes that are taking early retirement, they need teachers and with Acadia possibly....possibly making their education programme a one year course, then that would be awesome, i would be done in a year and hopefully teaching...or subbing somewhere. The job i want for this year is an EA job...what exactly is an EA? The Educational Assistant (EA) is hired to meet the needs of specific students and/or program needs within the school. The EA there because of a particular child, but is a support to
the teacher in order that all students' needs are met. They work alongside and under the guidance of teachers. An Educational Assistant and a teacher are a team. The EA is assigned to meet the needs of specific students and/or program needs within the school. The teacher is ultimately responsible for the education of all students in the class and the EA serves as a support. So what else is new? Well hung out with my Mom the other day after my interview and we went to Pearl's in Paradise and had some Haddie Bits & Fries, it was pretty good. I would love to go to the drive-in in Coldbrook this weekend, they are playing Die Hard IV and The Hills Have Eyes II...any takers? LOL! Anyways what to do today? I am going to bug more for a job, take the dogs for a walk and head to the gym to work off the other days excursion to Pearls...Actually earlier in the week, my Mom was down to the South Shore and told me that the Turkey Burger was re-opened under new management! I so have to kill the cutting back for another day and head down to New Germany! LOL! Oh my...sometimes i wonder aboot myself..have a good one!

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