Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Wow! Post 280???? 300 soon.........

"Into what boundless life does education admit us. Every truth gained through it expands a moment of time into illimitable being—positively enlarges our existence, and endows us with qualities which time cannot weaken or destroy."- Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Hello peeps! What is a new? Not too too much, mainly housesitting at the moment here in good ol Middleton. I have completed yet another resume for yet another round of handing out, c'mon someone hire me before the North takes me away! The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board Info sheet asks lots and lots of crazy questions like do you have any training in the following:

1) CPR
2) Computer Literacy
3) Counselling
4) Drug & Alcohol Education
5) English Second Language
6) First Aid
7) Internet Research
8) Race Relations
9) Sign Language
10) Work Scheduling

Lots of stuff you need, some i have, some i dont. Lets see what happens eh?
What else is new? Not too much, friends want me to go see the Simpsons Movie, i might but am i gonna feel like i am watching TV? I heard one reviewer say that it seems that they are afraid to take the gloves off. At least my Habs are re-signing Ryder, and please lose interest in Breeze-By, he is a joke and should be put out to pasture along with Yashin. Life could be worse...i could be Lindsay Lohan. I was asked this week what a Wifebeater shirt was...man talk about feeling weird about explaining something! What have i done? Went to Wolfville for a drive, walked through the petting zoo up there, went for another drive down by Cornwallis, checked out the Convergys thingy again, and again the price of gasoline along with the words of wisdom from others have made me refrain from there. I do have a new friend that would love to watch some hockey with me in the new year. Well now...Flames fan Vs Habs fan (ME!) how will this work out? 1985 Cup (Habs) Vs 1988 Cup (Flames) ?!?!?!?!!!? Well i am glad my Mom is gone to PEI for a week, she needs to get out of this house more often, a house where i think sometimes she finds the time a wee bit long, even though it has been a year since Dad passed away, his presence is felt all over this place, even at this computer where i am typing this very blog. Still miss ya buddy....
That BT Torrent which was recommended by a good buddy of mine is very cool for downloading movies and rare stuff and other stuff as well. What have i downloaded? Student Bodies (The original slasher movie parody...puts Scary Movie to shame!) , Ninja III: The Domination (With the coolest fist 10 minuntes of a flick ever!!!) , Fantastic Four (1994 crappy version- i LOVE it!) The Burning (1981 Friday The 13th rip off...very nasty and gory!) , Jackie Chan's Police Story (With the original ending of Jackie singing...cover your ears!!!) and waiting on a few others. Just started downloading The Big Bus (Which was like Airplane!) and Top Secret (Also like Airplane!) this morning. It is good for stuff on DVD and others that you dont wanna bother getting on DVD. I did purchase Private School on DVD the other day! Me and Barry are soooooooooooo gonna have to get together and watch it! MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNSSSS!!!! Plus Phobe Cates was one of my original crushes...just think guys...Fast Times SWIMSUIT scene!!! Nuff said!
I have been reading a book i bought from the used bookstore downtown, as a matter of fact for years i could not find this book ANYWHERE and now i only paid $1.99 for it and it is all mine! "Dave Schultz: Hammer- Confessions of a Hockey Enforcer" which was written in 1981. I had the honor of meeting Mr Schultz when the NHL oldtimers came to Wolfville last November (Nice guy! We went to the Vil together with Chris Nilan and Dale Hawerchuck!) Anyways i LOVE his chapter on Bobby Clarke:

"There are those who have charged that Bobby Clarke is a coward who would start trouble but never bother to fight his own battles. There is no doubt that Clarke is a ruthless athlete who lives by the bottom line- winning. In the past decade he has been one of the most threatening users of a hockey stick in the NHL, at times employing it in the manner of an infantryman handlng a bayonet. Many have mistaken cowardice for bravery. Canadian chauvinists will tell you that Clarke was a hero in 1972 during the Team Canada- Russia series because he violently sent the Soviet's best forward, Valery Kharlamov to the hospital with a cracked ankle after whacking the Russian star with a two-hander. Do you think Clarke would have gotten away with such bravery if he had bludgeoned Larry Robinson of the Habs in the same way? I Think not."
"When the Flyers finally traded me to LA, i felt that Clarke had a hand in persuading them to upload me. And that, for me, is even more significant. I had lost both my respect and my faith in Bobby Clarke's capacity for honesty and integrity. His dedication to the club had turned to ruthlessness."
Could not have said it better myself Hammer.
Anyways gang, back to the drawling board. Have fun!

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