Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Plugged In

Hey folks! What is a happening? Well i am still on the job hunt, new resumes and cover letters in hand and ready to take on the world! What do i have to do? Well i can get on the list of substitute ESL/ EA teachers with the Valley Regional School Board, yes it is something to put on a resume, but dont i want more? To actually teach? I have to find a school administrator, aka a principal to sign for me and i have to go get a background check done down at the RCMP station here in Middleton. Then i can hand in the application, my resume and my cover letter. Well and if nothing? Well then up North looks like a good alternative i guess. I have a little left to go on my student loans thanks to burseries and scholarships, so going up North would take care of them in a matter of months, just sign my name on the dotted line on a 10 month contract. I have been hearing stories of isolation, extreme boredom, bring a good book, get a good hobby, buy a PS3 etc etc if going there. What to do eh? Well i went up to New Minas with a friend last week, played some pool at Doolies, no my waitress frend was not working if your asking Blair. I went to see the Transvestities or whatever it is called and i was BORED! However the new Adam Sandler gay flick was quite comical. Spent Sat night over at Barry's and we watched some Sandra Bollock movie and we were roaring at NFB stuff on Youtube, the Big Snit, the Cat Came Back and some funny memories of the summer of 1993-94. Well i have to get going up to New Minas to take care of some business, have a good one!

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