Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Night Of The Living Robbblogs!!!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."- George Eliot

Hey folks! What is a happening? Well tomorrow is the big day as i am the MC for my old pal Barry's wedding. Nervous? Nope! Used to speaking in front of the ol big crowds and besides this should be fun eh? Becoming the wedding king between this one and Sir Bullen's wedding coming up in May which shall include some other 3rd Floor Alumni i hopes. Went to Barry's stag party at the Top Hat last Saturday, aka The Touque, aka The Flopper aka All kinds of shit you never heard of! LOL! It was fun! Was going to draw a 9 aka the artist dude from Seasme Street/ Mr Bentley from the Jeffersons on Mean Gene's head but me old pal Mike simply put a Lego tattoo on there as well, as for Barry....yup he got pretty smashed and had a painful ol night..kinda like myself after the last Venus staff party, around the 6th -7th Keiths i remembered the A&W that i had with the gang from work and cut meself off, we did not need to see me and Barry in a competition of duelling buckets. How is work? Well i am in the middle of a five night stand, i have worked every night this week 6:00-1:00 in the morning, it has been a long ol week, nothing like pretending you have duck tape on your mouth eh? It reminds me alot like NOVA, where it is don't have any input, just read the script and do as your told mmmmmmmmmmmk? Remember Old Man Robb, it is just one year out of your life and that the good stuff is awaiting you around the corner. Speaking of the good stuff i recieved a phone call from Fort Kent on Monday! What did they have to say? Well we took care of some preliminary stuff, i need to have two subjects and my history and sociology qualify me, as a matter of fact i am overqualified cause the nice gentleman on the phone asked me if i had 60 college credits to my name and i replied i have almost 150 which lead him to go, "WHOAH"! LOL! So what i need are transcripts from both Acadia and from Mount Allison, the application from the online Fort Kent website, a $40 processing fee paid in US funds and i need to do something that is called a Praxis Test, which is a test of the basic reading, writing and math skills and this has to be done in Halifax and costs roughly around $200... Am i in? Well not yet...a shoo-in..dunno..am i gonna try? HELL YEAH!!! So me and my friend hung out last Sunday and we went for a spin up to Aylesford Lake which is really nice in Fall, no one is there to bother you and then we went to Tim Horny's in Greenwood and sat and chitty chatted. So what is a happening? Well we get along good and that is all one can really ask for eh? My friend likes the Leafs and i am the dyed-in-the-wool Habs lover..so we can work around that. hahahahahaha!!! We are going to hang out probably on Sunday night....by the way, my friend loves the mixed CD-R's!!!!!!!!!!!! So my beloved Axemen lost this past Saturday to STFX and MTA was hammered by SMU...i hope we can get it together, we tied the game and went ahead and then lost. I really wanna make it to Homecoming this year, i shall try to get the time off. Actually i am going to start cutting back on my eating habits a wee bit starting this coming week i thinks. I had to acquire new dress pants for the wedding tomorrow and i did not like the look of my waistline, the last time i had a major diet/ weight loss was the summer of 2003-04 where i lost over 30 pounds, mind you i put lots of that back on, but i have the feeling that i could darn well lose it again if i really wanted to, you can do anything if you put your mind to it, remember gang that winners never quit and quitters never win and shortcuts in the long run dont really pay off, i have known people who have tried to cut corners, and what are they going to be left with? In the end they will be left with shit on a frickin stick...really man go back and think about it, a second thought can last forever, trust me i know all aboot it. I came home, brooded most of the summer, now i have steady employment till next year, see what that is? People tried to change me man, they just couldn't make me become someone im not..a frickin clone/drone...recovering from a self-deserved defeat is called getting back on your feet! And don't listen to other people's bullshit! People love to hear themselves talk, i must...im here on this nutty blog for like what...three frickin years now? Hmmm..what's a good one..lemmie see, i was kicked out of Japan...ummm hello i left! NOVA fired me...ummm if they fired me, why would they call me three times since i came home? Just like the dumbass who said i flopped at Mount A...check it out as i have said before dude...student in good standing, my marks are about to be acquired by Fort Kent and if they were so fricking bad, don't ya think i would try and get out of giving the marks to them? And i still get mail from them! If one can see through bullshit, then they can forge their own path. ......whew! Ranting Robb!!!!
Anywho, i have got to get started on supper, working 6:00-1:00, then being Robb MC, then hanging out with my friend Sunday and then who knows? Have a good one!

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