Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


"Positive anything is better than negative nothing." – Elbert Hubbard

Hey there my peeperonies! What is a new? Well long time eh? I've been a busy boy working working and working, but as Joey Ramone proudly wrote in 1981, "It's Not My Place in The 9 to 5 World." Yes the lure of more education is eating away at Old Man Robert Reid Hawley Esquire like a fart in the car, esp with Fort Kent sending more brocures, am i a shoo in? Actually believe it or not true believers, Fort Kent just called me tonight! They gave me all kinds of contacts as well, they seem to geuinely want me to come there and that is why i am favoring them at this moment in time. Well i get in? Well now, i think so...but do they think so too? My sister was down for a visit from the mighty metropolis of Seattle and she would like to see me go become a Huskie at the University of Washington, but i would need a student loan of Trump proportions in order to land a deal there i thinks. So again it is down to 2...Acadia and or Fort Kent. Well me and my pocket sized pal are just a hanging around, we took a spin up Windsor way, the Hall of Fame was closed, but she was in a daze starting at all the Maple Laughs...i mean Maple Leafs stuff that is there in a display case inside. We went down to the waterfront Tims and hung out on the trains that are on display there. On Saturday me and my pally went to see the Axemen get beat at Raymond Field by STFX by a score of 42-20...sad that i have taken her to 2 games in a row only to see my precious Axemen beaten both times...i teased her that she had a new man by the name of HOTPANTS at the game, who had to be seen to be believed! He was no Retardo Montalban...but then again who is eh? LOL!!!! Then after the game we took a spin over to the VIL and had a brewsky, her first time ever there and she seemed to dig the legend that is is the Anvil in Wolfville, she was infatuated with the Vilmobile that seems to sit very silently outside...i feel bad her Laughs had their asses waxed by Washington 7-1 the other night, like have they ever scored 7 goals in a fricken game ....ever? I took both her and my Momma out to dinner on Saturday before the game at the Irving Big Stop in New Minas, lots of memories of being there with my folks, esp those MONSTER pieces of pie they would serve, actually i had taken my Mom out on Thursday to eat as well at the Mid Valley Motel...sheesh..son of the year i am becoming eh? Well Acadia is still on strike as like i said the Gobblygooker is toast there, contract up and getting out while the getting is frickin good i say, i heard the boos and witnessed the eyerolling when she was introduced to the crowd on Saturday, some day that she was left with a mess by Ogilthorpe, but she has done some messing of her own...who else has had 2 strikes during their presidential regime? Who? According to the Acadia Alumni email i got the issues are as follows, "The issues that must be resolved are complex and are driven by declining enrolment and budget constraints for the University and a desire to reach national and regional salary competitiveness and stable employment levels for the faculty." Enrollment for Acadia is on the decline, there used to be a waiting list of 300 just to get into Tower as recently as 2001-02...it is a mess up there and the ones i feel sorry for is the student body who may just yet have their year flushed down the tubes as talks have yet again broken off... by the way....

NOVA went bankrupt
Karma has a sick sick sense of humor, i scratch your back, you stab me in mine eh? Well now the UN was getting involved in sending f'n relief packages for some 1000 teachers who are stranded in Japan, the worst mass outbreak of unemployment the country has ever seen. It is weird eh? I come home and the next month the checks start to bounce. I feel sorry for those stranded there, and it is finger pointing time too and lots of shrugging of shoulders as well, people who said quitter and all kinds of BS are not saying much now, i felt the writing was on the wall and i just maybe there was a helping hand from above, maybe the voice of my Father saying son get the hell outta there by any means necessary. Call it a vision, call it crazy Old Man Robb...call it whatever...call it i am here now and very much in the drivers seat of my destiny. Ran into someone the other day who didn't know that Taco Bell was a real restaurant, thought it was just in the movie Demolition Man with Stallone and Wesley Snipes...some people need to get out more...Rented Grindhouse the other night, watched Death Proof and Planet Terror, they are a tribute to the old school B and C flicks i loved as a kid, but man none of those flicks cost some 60 million to make and starred A list stars like Kurt Russell and or Bruce Willis...man was Russell's character a wuss at the end of Death Proof? I expected a bit better from ol Snake, loved the car though, ol Quintin, good flicks but never was much for original ideas, liked Planet Terror a bit better, but my favorite part of both flicks were the trailers for Machete and esp for Thanksgiving!!! Felt just like watching an old school 70s/80s trailer like My Bloody Valentine/ Graduation Day and or The Prowler. I guess originally Quintin wanted Stallone for the role of Stuntman Burt...i mean Mike, but was too busy...probably saw the ending and figured no way was he jobbing to those chicks! LOL! Well folks i am going to go grab me a Timmy's and watch the Habs continue their winning ways...have a good one!

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