Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday's Going Going...GONG!

"If a man does his best, what else is there?" - General George S. Patton

Hey gang! What is a happening? Well first some big news! As of tomorrow Robert Reid Hawley Esquire has been promoted/ moved!!!! To dayshift! Rocks to be me! And know what else that means? A raise!!!! And know what else that means? Well it has to be confirmed, but..........WEEKENDS OFF!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO would scream the NAture Boy! So how are things? Well my and my NEW friend (My pocket-sized buddy) actually came here to the house to meet Momma...ya know, the cranky lady who is happy one minute and disastisfied the next, ahhhh sometimes it is never enough know what i mean? Anyways me and my pal went for a drive the other night to Wolfville and we went for a walk on the mudflaps behind Tim Hortons and then went in where i had her in hysterics that Bruce Lee had brought a posse into Tims. She makes me feel good, what can i say? She pays attention to and express appreciation for me, she enjoys my company and there are no distractions which i really like...im smiling which is something i havent really done in a long time despite how i appear to others. This weekend i have Sat and Sunday off and we are going to watch the first HNIC of the season, and no that Analheim VS LA game from jolly ol England does not count. She will be cheering her Leafs and i will be cheering my Habs, wait....that is the week after...typical HNIC fuck up, why not have the rivalry to end all rivalries being played out on the first telecast of the season? Personally i would like to see the Habs Vs The Leafs for the next outdoor game. Ok ok Olympic Stadium is old and shitty and falling apart and so they could play it at the Skydome. Oh and i finally filled my CD booklet which has room for 80 CDs....lots and lots of tunes flowing out of Robbocop's car the other day lemmie tell ya! Put together some metal compilations including Iron Maiden's Maiden Japan in its entirety at long last! Some punk, surf music (including a Jan & Dean mix...yes i am cracking the hell up!!!), 80s rock, 90s rock, grunge, alternative and well...various...even a whole Southern Rock CD made up of Skynard and Blackfoot...has any other Canadians besides Robbo ever heard of frickin Blackfoot? Good stuff indeedy!!! Went over to Buddy Blair's on Sat night with a 12 pack of ol Keith's, but i only drank 1 as Blair had a 40 ouncer of Colt 45 ready and off to the ghetto we went! We watched a Dave Chappelle DVD which was hysterical, there wa a skit for PIMP of The Year! LOL! They would put pictures in front of Dave Chappelle and he would comment on them, when they put the Osbournes in front of him he commented, "She sang Papa Don't Preach, bitch should sing Daughter Don't Sing! HAHAHAAHAHAH!!! Then commented on Rosie o Donnell, "BOY GEORGE"!!!! Her underwear has DICKHOLES in them!?!?!?!?!?!!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ...it was so funny that Charlie Murphy as another pimp broke character and started roaring...plus i loved the Charlie Murphy skit with Prince...funny..Old Man Robb Hawley says check it out!!!! The night concluded with Blair passing out outside while taking a leak and then curling up into a little ball in his favorite chair...then passing out on the floor with a huge ol...WHOMP!!!! Acadia faculty going on strike again? Jeesh...what the hell does ol Gobblygooker gotta do to keep that place in check? This will be the second strike (see 2003-04) during her reign of terror...i mean power. Im starting to wonder if they should bring back ol Kevin Ogilthorpe!!!! The football AXEMEN got BOMBED by ol SMU on the weekend!!!! I hope to be off for the 13th and get to go see the Axemen take on Bishops at the newly renovated Raymond Field. Perhaps i shall take my NEW pal with me...yesterday i got me stuff from Fort Kent in the mail, all colleges/ universities always take the time out ya now to so make their campuses/ facilities look beautiful in the mail, imagine if they were honest just once and showed their campuses/ dorms/ facilities to look as they really do look? IMagine Acadia putting the Tower or Chipman/Eaton back in the day on some of their guides? Hell no! The best one i ever saw was for UCCB or UCB or whatever the lick a chick it is called...anyways they showed a science class or whatever class it was and right in the middle of the pic is a goofy kid with a SMU shirt on!!!! I was like this is your premium publication to entice kids to come to your college/ university and you have a brat with a RIVAL t-shirt on!!!!! Anywho i liked the Fort Kent stuff they sent, now i would not want to go back into residence, i was wayyyyyyyyyyy too old the first time back in the day, but there is something offered called, "The Lodge" which is a unique on-campus living environment where it is a suite-style accomodation. There is a triple that accomodates three students in individual bedrooms, no sharing rooms for Old Man Robb im afraid, they come with a kitchenette with a friedge, nuker (Microwave), a common living room with a sofa, bath, desks, chairs and dressers. I would love to go for a campus tour to see the place and i guess on the tours you can sit in on a class, meet profs, eat at meal hall and you can stay in a room in one of the residences. We shall see what happens, but one thing for sure is that Old Man Robert Reid Hawley is gonna do his damn best to get his hunky ol ass back in a university classroom for September of 2008!!! Anywho i gotta go have a shower, shave and get ready for my shift at 6:00, i am off early tonight so i can rest up for 9 ish tomorrow...have a good one!

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