Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Revenge of Robert Reid Hawley

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." - Oscar Wilde

Hello folks! What is a new? Well a week ago me and my pocket-sized buddy went to watch the Axemen lose miserably to Bishops up at the newly renovated Raymond Field. It was her first time eve at a football game and she was impressed i think... she had never seen such a mob of people in her life, around a good 3000 strong were there i think. I was soooooooo glad to finally hear Blitzkreig Bop by the Ramones added to the playlist at the field, hopefully it will be finally joining inside during hockey as well. However some funny stuff like why did the oldtimers Acadia marching band start playing that NA NA NA Good riddence song when we were clearly losing? I dunno...we went to A&W in New Minas afterwards and used my coupons up and then came home to watch some HNIC and watch her Maple Laughs lose...hehehe...we are gonna do something today for sure, i have to see how her new braids in her hair turned out... this week we only hung out once and that was to go up to the shore up in Port George, where this other dude in a truck parked and stared at us, prompting us to go back to my place...next week the football AXEMEN are home to STFX on the 27th and i think me and my pocket-sized buddy shall be going. Oh and the other Thursday my ol pal Sarah and her hubby were down and we went on a Wolfville pub crawl...to the Vil and the AXE!!!! LOL! Sarah was disappointed cause it was not a karioke night at the Vil and therefore we couldn't see Chrissy sing Eye of the Tiger by Survivor for the 5,5000 time!!!! It was ladies night, but i only saw aboot 5-10 ladies and some 3000 dudes...weird.. we went to the Axe and they were shocked at how nice the ol Axe looked, another one of the Gobblygooker's spending sprees? LOL! I still like how the Axe plays a mixture of current stuff as well as some moldy oldies before they start playing all that dance crap around 11 ish. I did feel bad earlier in the week with us over a year later finally clearing out some of Dad's stuff and sending it off to charity, we didnt' wanna do it, it was hard on my Mom but t had to be done, however i felt like, or had this sad feeling that wwe were throwing him out, which we weren't, not at all and i am sure if Dad were here, he wuld tell us to go on and not to dwell on certain things, still felt quite a ting of sadness putting his stuff in clear bags and driving away with it. Life does go on, but that don't mean you have to like certain parts of it. Well NOVA is almost officially no more...how do i feel? Well sorry for those who are still stuck there, like i have stated before i think Dad was staring down at me and said Son...get out of there...somehow...so i fucked up, but i think it was a good i did. Imagine being stuck there, landlords wanting to evict you liek they have been doing to other teachers all over Japan and not being paid, the instructors were not paid again yesterday, i think the Pink Bunny is dead and as a business NOVA deserved not to be in business a long long time ago. NOVA branches are closing i guess with little or no notice and it is truly a feeling of unrest over there. And isnt it funny how no one there can find Nozoro Sahashi during all of this? I bet the SOB hauled ass out of there and is probably hiding with Osama somewhere i imagine. Im really glad i am here.....Not much happening on the Acadia strike front,although i imagine the parties are pretty wild right now. Money Money Money was what Ted Dibiase's theme music should be and i think it should be the theme music that plays as the official theme song for this strike, people get some greedy eh? The main issues are wages, benefits and staff complement. What is going to happen to those 4th and 5th yr students if this thing keeps going and going? What about those in the education program? This is the second strike for ol Gobblygooker and it does not bode well and what does the Gobblygooker do? Go on a planned trip to China while her school is on strike!?!?!?!?!!?!? WTF??!?!?! Who abandons their post when their school is going down the crapper? I agree with someone who stated that she is maybe trying to singlehandedly wreck one of the best Canadian universities in the country....hmmmmm maybe Bush sent her!!!! Or Nozoro Sahashi...or someone...get your house in order! A University has 2 strikes in 3 years, spends huge amounts of money fucking up atmosphere of the place i mean plasma TV's in the mealhall? Another residence? A new science building like come the fuck on! Oh not to mention the rise in the tuition, which forces a DROP in enrollment, Tower closes, Cutten closes, Tower re-opens (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!) and you know what's next? Another fucking strike because everyone's not getting paid enough! Where is the money Gobblygooker? I think she is the Caribbean with Nozoro and Osama planning their next big coup!
Rant Robb Rant!
Anwho i did get the new Ramones It's ALive 1974-1996 DVD and it is pretty awesome! Finally i get to see the It's Alive concert from London's Rainbow Theatre on the 31st of December 1977, for those of you who do not know...It's Alive is one of my favorite albums of all time, it is the best live representation of the Ramones I've ever heard. It catches them at their absolute peak, in front of a spastic British audience who are loving every second of it. Anywho the DVD is great, weird to see the Ramones appearing on Sha Na Na in 1980 and finally for the first time i get to see the Ramones at the 1982-83 US Festival opening up New Wave Day...imagine the Ramones opening? Insulting! Imagine the other bands having to come on stage after the Ramones? Anyways it was something like a zillion degrees out and Joey playing the whole time with his leather jacket on! Awesomeness! Plus hearing "Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow" for probably one of the last times on stage till the band discarded doing ballads in concert was a highlight. Just funny to see them performing in front of all those California yuppies...
Anywho i gotta get me day going, shower, walk the dogs, go see my buddy, enjoy my day off cause i am working tomorrow to make up some hours...have a good one!

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