Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Get to Know Me Part II

I do these on the ol Facebook all the time...here are some more...

Do you have freckles?: YEah

Do you have cute feet?: Im Bigfoot

Favorite color shirt to wear?: Black

describe your favorite pjs?: Old t-shirt and flannel jammie pants

Thanksgiving pie?: Poontang

Have you Ever cooked a turkey all ...by yourself?: Yes

gone to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner?: The Rocky Mountain Tavern in S Korea last year

been sick and went to work anyway?: Yes

been fired for not showing up to work?: No

had road rage?: You go up the 101 and some a-hole gets in front of you going 80 in a 100 zone

forgive people easily or hold a grudge?: I have a long memory

have a problem with body odor?: Yes...hate smelling people that smell like shit

your favorite dessert?: Namino Bars

your Thanksgiving like at your house?: Chaotic

likely to happen if you didn't have your cell phone for one day?: I don't have one...thank God

Walmart or Target?: Both are greedy

I have never had a....: trip to California

When I go to a 7-11 its usually for.....: We don't have 7-11's and the ones in Japan and S Korea do not have SLUSHIES!!!

First Christmas on your own?: Last year in S Korea

Traffic ticket?: 1995

Last time you ate pizza?: Made a MCcain's one a few days ago....Hawiian

time you went to the beach?: Aylesford Lake this summer

time you went swimming?: See the beach question

What color are your eyes?: Green

What color do you wish your eyes were?: Green

Favorite Cartoon Character?: Mr Magoo

Cereal?: Honeynut Cheerios

Chef?: The one on South Park

Have You Ever had to put a beloved pet to sleep?: Yeah......sucked...i didn't know about the pet aging when i was a kid

What is your biggest fear?: Not being myself anymore...

your bedtime?: Anytime

your biggest regret?: A few things

something you are most proud of?: My degree...teaching overseas...actually going to university and passing...

How long does it take you to get to work?: 15 minutes

What do you do when you are bored at work?: Dream

What do you do when you are bored at home?: Stuff

Have You...ever played a video game all night long?: As a kid...long live the Atari 2600

ever driven all night long?: oh yeah

ever missed someone so much it hurt?: Still do...RIP Dad..

What do you do with your spare time?: Make evil plans...

How much tv do you watch?: A little bit of Sports Desk...HNIC...not much on the boob tube

Do you watch sports?: Ummmm...Yes

Favorite NFL team?: Minnesota Vikings

Thanksgivin...g food?: Turkey

kind of sandwich?: Spam

Have you Ever fallen asleep in class or at work?: both

had to wash your clothes at a laundromat?: in Japan

changed a diaper?: YEah

Do you care what other people think of you?: Not really...

save money each month?: I try

What is the most irritating group of people to you?: Where do i start?

something that is bugging you right now?: A few things...

directly to your right?: My Grandmother's picture

early to bed or stay up late?: Up all nite baby

Finish...My mom is.....: Herself

If I had ten kids I'd....: Run away

Are you adventurous?: Always

Are you allergic to anything?: Pollen

Do you have many pets?: Gizzy et Maggie

Do you have fish?: Some Captain Highliner in the fridge...

Do you have a sense of humor?: I think so

Have you Ever had a ...tooth knocked out?: Hockey

Do you cry when famous people die?: Felt bad when Joey Ramone passed on (RIP)

feel like you know people on tv?: Don Cherry reminds me of one of my uncles

take naps?: Might have one today

have a routine that you follow every day?: Long as it involves morning coffee we are good

maintain your own lawn or have a landscaper?: I maintain baby

the one disease you wish they could find a cure for today?: Cancer

a soothing song for you?: Anything off Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys

something about the world you wish you could change?: Too much to mention

your most unique talent?: The ability to annoy...

steak or lobster?: Steak

Halloween or Christmas?: Halloween

I remember Patrick Swayze in.....: Youngblood

My favorite Patrick Swayze movie is.....: Point Break

I would give up everything I own for....: Have Dad back....

One thing I couldn't live without is....: Tim Hortons

If I were stranded on an island I would want....: Tattoo and Mr Rourke and some babes....

First sport you played?: Hockey

memory of your dad?: Going for car drives

memory of your mom?: Shopping

time you were in the hospital?: Tonsils out...early 70s...tried to escape

Last last time you brushed your teeth?: 10 minutes ago

last time you took a shower?: Eventually

last time you ate?: Toast and pb

last time you drank something?: Coffee

last time you hung out with friends?: Saw a few the other day...gots to make more time. :)

Do you take a lot of pictures?: Just check this site...

Have you ever had really long hair?: Not really

What do you do for fun?: Just be myself..

How many pets do you have?: Gizzy et Maggie

Favorite kind of weather?: Fall

beach ...activity?: Checking out chicks...

snow activity?: Same....

thing to do in Autumn?: See above....

Have You Ever moved far away from the city you were born in?: Yes...far far away

What is your favorite type of movie?: Scary...

something you are worried about?: What's next...

something you've done in the last week that you wish you could take back?: Spend $$$

Have You...ever trusted the wrong person?: Oh hell yeah...

ever found more than a dollar?: Yes...

ever bought anything from a street vendor?: Well Japan and Korea

Shoe Size?: Size 10

Where do you buy your clothes?: Everywhere...

Favorite Restaurant?: Turkey Burger RIP :(

Beach?: Rockaway Beach

Have you Ever jumped into a pile of leaves?: As a kid

been to an aquarium?: In S Korea- Seaworld...

been in a car accident?: Yes in 1999-00 in S Berwick...icy roads, took out a telephone pole

Do you eat a lot of vegetables?: I try to

cut your own hair or go to a salon?: Saloooooooooooooooon

wear a baseball cap?: Yes...wearing a NY Yankees one right now

What is the least amount of money you've made at a job?: This one...LOL

the best way to show someone you love them?: Give them Robert Hawley for a present...LOL

Leader or a Follower?: Leader of the pack

Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?: Whoppers

I just ate....: Toast

Tonight I'm going to....: Work

I really need to stop...: Thinking too much

My worst habit is....: Thinking too much

horrible thing to happen in your life?: Dad passing away

holiday away from home?: Too far back to remember...family went somewhere every year

Lasts time you were lied to?: Too many to remember

time you wore a bathing suit?: This summer


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