Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hello and Welcome Home Robert Reid Hawley

As of yesterday afternoon, Robert Reid Hawley made his return to Acadia U. The place where Robbblogs...yes Robbblogs originated in October of 2004. The actual birthplace of Robbblogs was the SUB while sitting enjoying a rainy afternoon at Perkins as i believe that it is called. Im actually an Acadia U student one more time...a day i never thought would ever happen. I've been waiting for four years for this to happen and finally it has. I can stop running now as i am finally really home where i belong. Yes i had good times as a kid living in places like the Passage and out at WK and had some moments with friends going to Mount A even, but Acadia is really my home.

What am i taking? Well i am taking a course called EDUC 4673: Teaching English as a Second Language. Would you like more of a description? Here it is straight from the source:

"This course will provide you with the basic skills required to plan and teach ESL classes in a variety of contexts. Online components, including readings, short lectures and discussion forums, will be combined with hands-on workshops which will introduce you to a range of teaching methods and enable you to analyse and develop course materials."

My book for the course is called, "Methodology in Language Teaching: An Anthology of Current Practice."

It has been so long since being a student and consistently reading. Am i going to be able to get back into the groove so to speak? Of course someone again said the other day that maybe i should give up these kinds of dreams. Give up? What is wrong with people's mindsets? One should not put off higher education despite advancing age. University is seen by so many as being a young person's game, but it is a game for all. There is not age limit to education, the only limitations that there are is the ones that people place on themselves. Me? Im just happy to be back at Acadia U and to be doing not just my TESL training, but also these are education credits, during 2007-08, i tried unsuccessfully to enroll in the Acadia School of Education, i did not get accepted, but at least i can sleep easy knowing that i tried.

     Yesterday did feel weird afterwards, maybe its just me but i expected more of a reaction from someone. This is where i miss Dad and his rah rah attitide. Dad always believed in Positivity..what is that now boys and girls? Well i will show you...

Positivity is:

1. Characterized by or displaying certainty, acceptance, or affirmation: a positive answer; positive criticism.

2. Measured or moving forward or in a direction of increase or progress.

3. Explicitly or openly expressed or laid down: a positive demand.

4. Admitting of no doubt; irrefutable: positive proof.

     I am not a fan of negativity. I used to find that whenever the Captain came in the room, he had the ability to suck the life right out of the room with his negativity. We do not thrive on negativity. I used to work at a pizza place and the owner loved a state of chaos in the store. When it became busy, he became negative. Many hockey coaches and sports coaches in general do this thinking it will make the team work harder, but in actuality it turns people against you and makes them not want to do anything for you. That is the way i used to feel at that particular job and at other places where i have been employed.
   Many people just don't try, they just want to float through life like lumps of crap. In many ways over the last four years that is the way i have felt, working dead end jobs, english companies and hogwans. Sure i gained valuable teaching experience and there has been many positive notes like working for Acadia Alumni every year at Welcome Week, this year i represented Acadia Alumni on career day during Welcome Week and it was a very positive experience. Sometimes i wish i could give back, like go back to someplace like West Kings and speak to the students about my university experiences and life in the real world. Acadia always used to send some corporate shrill to do their business at my old high school everytime i enquired about it, but i would like to give back someday, somehow.

Well its a new beginning for me folks, glad its starting..glad to be closing the doors of the last four years and seeing what is ahead for me. :)

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