Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Here Today...

Hey folks...its me...one hour away from the meeting and i am well..kinda nervous..did i jump the gun putting that big ol A logo on there? You see im not one of those people that likes to just babble, babble and babble..if i come out and make a comment i want to be sure i can back it up. I have been reassured that there is nothing to worry about, but there is always a chance that the answer will be a NO...but i am reassured that plan B will go into effect ASAP. What is plan B? The same as Plan A, just with everything reversed, i know it is hard to explain right now, but it will reveal itself in due time.

     This is just something i want to do, i need to do...good God all my frickin blogs sound the same these days eh? I hope i don't sound like some whiny emo kid bawling over spilled milk to anyone who might happen to read these rumblings. If i get all three parts to this, then my life will if not easier, it will sure as hell give me more breathing space, something that i can have in my hands and say i got it. What is wrong with saying, i am? Nothing...notta..ditto... I can apply for jobs right here in the Great White North and have that piece of paper to back it up, to make it look like i at least know what i am talking about.

     I know i could just go back overseas if i really wanted to, back to another hogwan or private language school...but those are not run by educators, they are run by profiteers..people who rip off kids and families with the promise that their kid will learn english. The owners of many schools don't care about their teachers- to them you are just a piece of meat and easily replaceable with another. My last school was a poorly ran school with ZERO interest in educating the children. Many will hire you and with 2-3 months to go in your contract they will fire you due to not wanting to pay for your flight home, instead they can just take that cash and hire another teacher while basically leaving you holding the bag.

   So here is to today and hopefully in about an hours time there will be smiles and laughing, with the acknowledgement that with a bit of luck that there will be good days ahead, lots of days with my face stuck in the books, get back into the routine of studying late, writing assignments and tests...ahhh i've missed it..like i stated in a previous blog, i've been a victim to the man, working in the real world. The real world is scary kiddies, working lame ass deadend jobs is not something i want to do. It sucks like nothing else and how many people say to me, "What have you been doing? Look at me!" Good things come to those who wait, whom have been biding my time...waiting...I've been wanting to be a teacher and dammit it will be achieved one way or another. Let's start slow, go with today and see what happens....

Definition of biding time: 
1. To remain in a condition or state.

2. a. To wait; tarry.

b. To stay: bide at home.

c. To be left; remaining..
Have a good one kiddies...chat later....

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