Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heel Vs Heel- A Wrestling Youtube Compliation

I came across this video series on Youtube the other day entitled "Heel Vs Heel" and basically it is a compilation/playlist of all the times the heels would wrestle one another. Now those who are not familiar with the wrestling terminology "Heel" I felt free to borrow this explanation of the term from Wikipedia:

In professional wrestling, a heel (also known as a rudo in Lucha libre) is a villain character.[1] In non-wrestling jargon, heels are the "bad guys" in professional wrestling storylines.[2] They are typically opposed by a babyface or more simply, face (crowd favorite). Some tweeners (not explicitly regarded as good or bad) exhibit heel mannerisms. Heels are often portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner, breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside the bounds of the rules of the match. Others do not (or rarely) break rules, but exhibit unlikeable personality traits. No matter the type of heel, the most important job is that of the antagonist role. Heels exist to provide a foil to the face wrestlers. If a given heel is cheered over the face, a promoter may opt to turn that heel to face, or to make the wrestler do something even more despicable to encourage heel heat.

The term "heel" is most likely derived from a slang usage of the word that first appeared around 1914, meaning "contemptible person". Common heel behavior includes cheating to win (e.g., using the ropes for leverage while pinning or attacking with foreign objects while the referee is looking away), attacking other wrestlers backstage, interfering with other wrestlers' matches, insulting the fans (referred to as "cheap heat"), and acting in a haughty or superior manner.[3]

 Of course when Old Man Robb was younger his all time favorite heel wrestling was Nature Boy Ric Flair...why? Well i was used to the good guys/bad guys of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling and was getting my first exposure to Hulk Hogan and the rest of the WWF gang, so all of a sudden on Grand Prix one day in 1984  comes this promo/ interview of this blonde haired dude well dressed with two gorgeous women at his side and it was a promo sent in by Ric Flair to promote him coming to the Maritimes to wrestle the top Grand Prix contenders...dude was well dressed, had hysterical interview skills talking about "Space Mountain" and "To be the man you got to be the man" ...well of a sudden Old Man Robb was a big Ric Flair fan...Whooooo

So that is my story..i always rooted for the bad guys, the worse they got the more i liked it...always rooted for guys like Killer Karl Krupp, Cuban Assassin, No Class Bobby Bass and the worst that the rest of Grand Prix could come up with...sure Leo Burke and Stephen Pettipas and the rest were going to shut them up at the Halifax Forum on a Thursday night, but it was the fun...the bad guys were the ones who made the show fun to watch with their yelling at the fans, threatening kids and old ladies...all part of the show

Of course i could spend all day going on and on about the various bad guys from the classic days of the WWF..but that would be another blog for another time folks!

Have a good one folks! 

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