Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zombie Lake (1981)

Zombie Lake | 1981 | 18/R | Full Film | Part 1... by 1982FilmFan

Did you ever see a flick and go WTF did i just watch? That would be the strange story of Old Man Robb and Zombie Lake...now the second question you are going to ask is WTF is Zombie Lake??? You know what? All these years later Old Man Robb is asking himself the same damn frickin question to be honest. Zombie Lake is a Z grade rip off of the original Dawn of the Dead...and Z grade is being very very very kind to be truly honest folks.. there have been lots of ripoffs of Dawn of the Dead including the really good..like Zombie which could if watched before Dawn of the Dead serve almost as a prequel and then there is the really really bad like Night of the Zombies (aka Hell of the Living Dead)

ahh yes...Night of the Zombies...

Now..back to Zombie Lake...

Hands down folks, this is probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen...and i've seen some real frickin stinkers in my time.. to make a long story that is not really that long really short, this is about a bunch of Nazi Zombies from World War II being woken up in a lake in France by the sight of some naked women ...actually folks i am lying as there are LOTS and LOTS of naked women in this flick including a full female basketball team and they decide since they are hungry to attack a small village as well...no folks im not making any of this up by the way... I remember i would see that BIG VHS box at the store formerly known as Andrew's and one night i decided i am taking this thing home....

Ummm..something else i will admit..i love bad special effects as much as the next b movie lover, but omg this is the worst make-up i have ever seen on a zombie or zombies in my frickin life! The make up was washing off these poor Nazi zombies as they were leaving the lake!

Lots of plot holes in this one folks...including the fact that one of the zombies has an 11 year old daughter living in the village...mind you he has been in the lake since 1944 and the year is 1981..plus during the flashbacks of the village folks attacking the zombies and putting them in the lake are a hoot because the village folks look the same in 1944 as they do in 1981...so we have alot of horny Nazi zombies with bad make-up attacking a town in France...and ya...that is really about it folks....yup this is one sleazy, trashy ol flick folks and ya know what? It really doesn't pretend to be anything else to be totally honest.

So if you love flicks that are bad...as in Yor:The Hunter From the Future bad..then this is the flick for you, i must admit i got a good laugh out of this sleazy, ineptly made motion picture..one full of so many plot holes that you can jump through, not only does this flick just manage to squeeze by Night of the Zombies for the worst zombie flick i have ever seen, it manages to be pretty much the worst flick overall that Old Man Robb has ever seen...and that folks is really and i mean really saying something!

Have a good one folks!

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