Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bronson Moments

Ahhh good ol Charles Bronson... probably the manliest man of the 20th frickin Century...well for Old Man Robb back in the old Beta and VHS days there was nothing like going to the ol Dairy Bar in the Passage back in the late 80s and picking up the latest Bronson flick...mind you most...well 99% of his output in the mid to late 80s was from those rockin geniuses known as Golan Globus..aka Cannon Pictures..but at least there was never anything fancy smancy about a frickin Charles Bronson flick...you knew what you were gonna get...you knew you were gonna get..action..punks punched..explosions and lots of Bronsonisms...  watching  a Charles Bronson movie is to see badassery at it's very best.

Today's action stars? Forget it...sure i liked recent stuff like the Expendables and Machete and i am looking forward to Expendables II as much as Chuck Norris has tried to have it watered down to a PG-13... Imagine Bronson being watered down to PG-13?!?!?! WTF!??!?!?!? No today's stars look like they came out of some modelling catalogue and with the exception of Jackie Chan when he makes movies back home in Asia (Cause his North American movies suck) its all a CGI crapfest...none of the real man exception of Stallone and his Expendables buddies and Danny Trejo kinda reminds me of Bronson..but that's it...where are the real men like Charles Bronson who looked like it was cut in the face from stone and a killer stache to boot? Charles Bronson could kick the frickin shit out of Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, and Matt Damon with his eyes closed!

What made Bronson flicks work is that he was not some steriod enduced muscleman or someone who looked like they stepped off a modelling stage. Bronson looked like the dude down the street working on his car or the guy that lives next door mowing his lawn and drinking a cold beer on a hot summer day. The kind of guy who just spent three weeks at sea fishing in harsh weather...or the kind of guy you would have a few wobblepops with down at the local watering hole. He had an everyman kind of quality about him that we really don't see anymore coming out of Hollyweird. Would an actor like Bronson find work in Hollyweird today in this day and age of manufactured drivel?

Anyways folks..that is enough of Old Man Robb rambling on and on about his religion known as Bronsonism... just relax and enjoy some of my favorite Bronson moments...have a drinky poo in tribute to Mr Bronson and maybe a nod to those banditos known as Golan-Globus who kept the Bronson flame alive...as well as giving us American Ninja but that is another story for another time im afraid folks...

Thank you Mr Bronson

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