Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, January 07, 2013

New Questions... Fire Away

Some new questions for Old Man Robb... hold onto your ass.. gonna be a good one! ha ha!

Do you like scary movies?
I sure do! Ever since getting the VCR back around 1982 or so all those awesome treasures off the shelves at the Dairy Bar next to Lloyd's Supermarket in Eastern Passage came my way... this weekend's release of Texas Chainsaw 3D made me think of renting the 1974 original Texas Chainsaw Massacre... scary stuff to a thirteen yr old i tells ya.. i remember i almost jumped off the couch when Leatherface got Franklyn... did anyone like Franklyn? Just wondering...

Do you have booze in your house?
Ummm a couple of Keith's from my sister's visit back in September.. about it..

Dammit i miss stubby beer bottles!  It is a symbol of Canada. The stubby is a Canadian creation. I don’t need to expand on this – as most of you already know it. But there is something cool about drinking beer from a bottle created, produced and used in Canada exclusively. No other nation adopted the stubby, so it is uniquely ours... 

What are you listening to? 
Right now? Cheap Trick's first album from 1977... bought it while teaching in Japan in 2007 (30 yrs after it came out!) A great debut and in fact it is one of my favorite debut albums of all time! It revel in taboo subjects such as mass murder (Ballad of TV Violence) perversion (ELO Kiddies) and suicide (Oh Candy) with abandon, devoting themselves to the power of the hook, as well as sheer volume and gut-wrenching rock & roll -- though the record is more musically accomplished than punk rock, it shares the same aesthetic.

Have you ever been depressed? 
Ya know i have been... and always over a lady eh? And both times it cost me.. i think it added an extra high school year on out at WK and my first yr at Acadia the ending result of that was almost be being booted out of Acadia and not being allowed back for a year, which i repealed and was very graciously allowed back for a second year... whew..and in both cases i used the term "lady" very loosely... later think WTF was i thinking in both cases.. it did happen a third time yrs later.. but that was more a case of should have known better.. and i didn't... and Thank God i was headed to Japan a month or so down the road...
Would you rather live without music or without the t.v? 
I think w/o television i will do just fine.. i mean what the hell is on it anyways? Reality shows? Crap? I got up early to watch the world juniors while they were on and when the games were over.. the tv was turned off and i went back to what i was doing in the first place.. i mean i have a beautiful 60 inch telly out in the mancave and i never turn the damn thing on... 

If you decided you were hungry now, what food is there available in your household, to eat?
There is a chicken Cesar salad upstairs in the fridge.. but im going to have it tomorrow for lunch.
Do you have a good reputation?
I think so.. even though i have engaged in some unusual behavior in my time on this planet now that i come to think of it....

Do you own any Batman movies?
None.. except for the original "Batman: The Movie" w/ Adam West and Burt Ward... who could resist the scene where Adam West fights a rubber shark and makes him EXPLODE w/ Bat-Shark Repellent!

Do you do your own laundry?
Yes i have for many many moons...in fact when i lived in Crowell Tower at Acadia U i had to show dudes how to do their own laundry.. and fold it.. 

You’re rude, aren’t you?
No i am not... well some call me eccentric.. and some call me much worse things im sure.. but if i was going to be rude... i wanna be Rick Rude! What i like to have right now is all your sweathogs to keep the noise down while i take my robe off and show the ladies what a real sexy man looks like... hit the music!!! Ha ha! He was funny stuff! Rude and the great Bobby Heenan were awesome during late 80s WWF!

All for now folks! Have a good one!

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