Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

570th Post... and some hangover cures

Old Man Robb figured that since it is his 570th post on here to do something..well.. useful and since i was just reading "BroBible" i decided to help people out with some of their remedies for something that most people dread...


The Hangover...

No no no.. not the movies.. although they are pretty funny and the second one did sell out the Valley Drive-In a few summers ago.. rather the actual hangover from partying too much last night.. i was a wee bit more laid back and did well sweet shit all last night, but anywho this is for those of you who went bonkers a wee bit last night..

Egg McMuffins- A Greasy egg-and-cheese combo from Raunchy Ron's that is time-tested to, at the very least, ease the pain of one (or several) too many... i prefer the one's from Tim Horny's myself..

Gatorade- Same idea, refuel those electrolytes, Bros.
Fries- The greasier, the better. I can’t think of a bad time for fries, but when you are hungover, they are amazing...if Johnny's Cookhouse in Berwick, Nova Scotia was open for the season i would recommend those...esp the poutine!

Burgers- Ditto. Raunchy Ron's...whatever gets the job done. I prefer the Acadia Burger from the Mudcreek in Wolfvegas myself.

Cold Pizza- Here’s where you can applaud drunk you for getting that pizza at 4 a.m. in the first place, and passing out before you finished the whole pie.
Scrambled Eggs- They apparently provide something called cysteine, which breaks down hangover toxins from that “cost-effective” alcohol you and your bros chose last night (Colt 45)

Bananas- Potassium will try to heal some of the massive hurt you’re putting your liver through.

 Hot Pockets- There is no other time in your life where these unholy pockets of "meat" and "cheese" will be in any way delicious
Cheese Steak- If you are anywhere near the Philly area and don’t try to get one of these bad boys when hungover, you have only yourself to blame... try the one at Joe's Food Emporium in Wolfvegas if your nowhere near Philly... or if your at Joe's just have an Axemen Special..mmmmmmmmm

Watermelon- The water content should help with that blinding headache.

Have a good one folks! 

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