Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The More You Think, The Less i Hear...Or Something Like That....

Helloooooooooooooo there webslingers! .........and webslingerettes!!!! Gotcha with a new one eh? Well i am here in Les Sub, just finished a couple of Keith's at Les Axe and i am ready to see us ...the hockey Axemen take on the California Golden Seals...i mean the Syracuse Bulldogs...i mean the UNB Redmen (Is that a racial slur?...just kidding!!!!...actually alot of folks take that rather seriously...seriously) at 7:30...i had a few and i am feeling all wound up or something....well gots lots done today!!! Finished up me proposal for my Theories of Development and Revolution class on that Andre Gunder Frank dude that i talked aboot a few blogs ago, i actually only need to have a title page, a few lines aboot what i am gonna do and a bibliography...not exactly brain surgury kiddies...wow...what a hottie i just saw!!! You see lots of em when you sit out in the SUB, but i know i am older than the Rolling Stones, so it is a game of look, but do not fondle...or something like zat...ohhhhhh yeah as Macho Man Savage would say back in the day, back to the topic at hand...yeah...Frank...he chatted alot aboot underdevelopment and dependency for countries like Latin America and those evil Americans who would come to their country, get in really good with the bourgeoisie who were running things and would proceed to S*** all over the poor folks that actually had to work for a living...same S***, different shovel kiddies... Actually a good quote from Frank sums it all up, “Ecologically, the rich pollute and the poor suffer the consequences, so much so that they are themselves obliged to add to the pollution. The greatest polluter of all has probably been the war machine and war itself.” I could not have said it any better than that i am afraid!!! Wow that girl had big B***S!!!! See her all the time working at the coffee shop n stuff... probably 16 yrs of age also...big perv Robb...big perv... So i spent some good time at the Vaughn and lo and behold there is a S***load of books on ol' Andre so that is not a bad thingy at all eh? So me bibliography is complete and i has to come up with something to say in the proposal... me Dad had to go down to the hospital to get a shot yesterday, i am told that he will have bad re-occuring gas due to the last operation and that to expect these pains to come... i actually phoned home today a couple of times to make sure that he was doin ok and stuff............., from the library basement, we have a kid that worked in our Middleton store who i teased last summer, he was going off to SMU and i told him to join the secret fraction on campus called the library club... that it was the opposite of the mile high club and all the lovely vixens would be waiting for him when he applied for his membership...told him it was better than the D&D club he had been a member of all the way through high school... (Is there such a monstrosity??!?!?!?! ............NERDS!!!!) I actually worked last night and i am going to recieve quite a few hrs of work this weekend... i cannot remember if the girls at work have written their high school examinations or not, but anyways it looks like i am working on Friday, Sat and Sunday of this week and as well the next week...including a rare Saturday opening in Greenwood??!?!?!?!?!?! Anywho, the game is at 7:30 and Wolfville is havin a wild ol case of playoff fever boyz and hot foxy mommas...so i am off to have some pizza and then enjoy the game and let the best team win (yeah F***ing right...GO AXEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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