Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Reoccurring Dreams

"Victory belongs to the most persevering."- Napoleon Bonaparte

An early good mornin Webslingers and Webslingerettes!!!! Well...The Axemen swept the Varsity Reds!!!! (I referred to them as the Redmen the other day...my bad) i sat home here in Middleton and listened on the radio, i attended game one the other night in Wolfville and i has to say i was quite impressed...now that i am coming off like a total homer, but that it ok. One thing i has to get off me chest, there were alot more people at the home game than previously in the season, but does this not conjure up images of bandwagon hopping? One of the greatest things, or maybe not so greatest thing to me about being a fan of the hockey Axemen is the viewing of the highlights and lowlights of following the team through rough times, as much as i could while working and going to a different school altogether last year (Mount Allison), but all the while there, listening to as many games as i could on the radio. Anyways, a true fan sticks with his or hers team until the end. As i sat amongst the crowd on Wednesday night, i could overhear people, "Man, haven't been here in so long"...."I wasn't coming back till there was a winner" etc etc....this kinda talk pissed me off, a true fan of the team does not stop allegiances to the team because of losing, it is hard to cheer for a team when they are getting the s***ty end of the stick, but that is the cost of supporting a college team, you has to stick together through the rough times....well, Wednesday was also kinda a first for me, the first time i have ever been in the alumni room as an alumni, it was kind of like the Gordie Howe/ Mario Lemieux/ Guy Lafleur syndrome, being an alumni (retired more or less) and still playing, as in still attending Acadia U..... weird eh? I had to abort me plans for more library research on Thursday, me sister in law gots me to move the Suzuki the other night and WHAMMO!!!! The frickin thing would not turn over at all!!!! Yesterday me parents come to visit, the old man takes the keys and the fricking thing starts like a damn charm! However on the way home, the radio gives out, the windshield wipers go seriously slow, we thought it was the battery, however the fan belt was quite loose, so i am taking it over tomorrow to Greenwood to have it checked out. Well, yesterday i escorted me father to Leon's in Kentville, where he purchased a 52 inch television!!! This sucker is BIG!!!!! We could have waited till Monday to have the darned thing shipped to Middleton, but we decided in all of our wisdom to put the monster on the back of the truck, well...we had just gotten onto the 101 (My favorite stretch of road....really....you can smell the sarcasm...) and almost lost the fricking thing!!!! We tightened it, gots back on the old number one highway and drove about 65 clicks all the way home...all the while, there were aboot 10 cars in back of us, never saw so much finger pointing in all of me life, all the while they all soooooooooooooooo could have passed us...guess it was too much finger pointing to give up on..sad people..truly sad.... Almost done me two assignments for Monday to be handed in, including my review of chapter three for my Sociology of Education class, it is called, "Historical and Organizational Dimensions of Canadian Education" and i stated about how subconsciously we are encountering the hidden curriculum and in many current cases, another stigma which is the “glass ceiling”, meaning you can only come so far in a working environment and then your rising through the ranks just comes to a sudden stop, no matter who you are this glass ceiling occurs, most of the victims of this stigma are women and non-whites, even though they are well educated, they still encounter hidden rules that still persist despite a system that on paper, is deemed free and open for everyone and how people should instead concentrate on leveling the playing field, if it were a fair world, taking the best person for a position, whether that person be a female, male, white, black and whatever this person would be. Anyways boyz and foxy ladies of the nighttime world, i should be getting up, cleaning up and having some breaky eh? I gots alot of work this weekend in addition to homework, i has to work tonight from 6-11, tomorrow 6-12 and a short shift on Sunday from 1-4...sigh...oh well now the day begins lates! However i leave you with the lyrics to an underappreciated Ramones tune from the early 80s penned by the immortal Dee Dee Ramone, entitled "Highest Trails Above"

"Sinking into the stars
Diving in for a swim
Soaring like a superheroPast the end of Disneyland
Through dragon mist
Above alpine peaks
To the cloudy laceT
o the highest trails above
I feel so safe, I feel content
Send you all my love
Southern winds, shining rays
Are all I need for fight
Flying way past zero
Paradise is just in sight
Through the distant blue
Above the highest stars
To the silent dark
Send you all my love
I feel so safe
Flying an a ray, On the highest trails above
Sinking into the stars
Diving in for a swim
Soaring like a superhero...Past the edge of Disneyland
Every wish comes true
Most desired dreams, Happy endings too
Finally you find loveI
feel so safe....Flying an a ray
On the highest trails above."

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