Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, February 28, 2005

You've Got So Far To Go and You Looked Away

Ah...hello to the webslingers, if there is any weblingers that is... Well, Dad seems to be out of trouble right now, he is probably going under the knife again, shortly after me school yr is over, that is good. He had his appointment today and i just phoned him with me calling card here at the SUB, he is in good spirits and needs to gain some weight again from his last operation, personally if it were me, there would be a truck stop having its damned ass being sued off!!!! Me Quanitative Mid-term well......sucked royally, i was read the riot act by me prof and i was told that there is only one more real chance to do ok in the course and that of course being me final examination in April, me other class only went aboot an hour, we were supposed to be there till 4:00, but he was not up to teaching and promptly let us go... I have me Sociology of Education class at 7, seems like i have not had that class since 1000 BC, i have me chapter report to be handed in tonight and it is done, i find it quite hysterical watching all of the people who didn't bother to write it over the break having a freak attack...people...people...it is only a 3- 5 page paper, even though if it were me, i would have just given a big essay instead of 3 or 4 of the stupid things.....A girl i know sent me a picture of her topless with just her bra on this weekend over MSN, just a friend i am afraid...too bad eh? Ahhhh young lust and stuff! I do like her, i do admit it....but she insists i am not her type and what are you to do about that? Nothing, if someone has decided that what you can bring to the table is not to there liking, then it is you that has to live with that, even if the guys that she wants all look past her, dunno why...i think she is pretty, but other guys do not seem to see that i guess...ahhhhhhh to be a guy in lust, i should really skip this class and ...and...and go drink a dozen Keiths and yell to anyone that who gives a ratsass about how she is missing out...like all angst driven guys do..or should do...or something like zat...getting down about some silly girl and damn well letting everyone around them have it...or we can just be Chicken**** aboot it and not say a darned word otherwise.... Yet, feelings of clarity still remain.A transparent truthThat I know must be real...i dunno...what a rant eh? The Axemen open their series at home against Moncton on Wednesday nite, i think i will listen to it at home, spending time with the folks, like in the 30s eh? All sitting around the radio listening to the hockey game, my nephew thinks it is weird, but in this era of video games, MP3 players and this chotic thingy called computers, something so simplistic probably does seem a trifle bit strange to a younger fellow. Ohhh! Almost forgot something, i was walking by the Acadia Cinema and i took a looky looky at their upcoming flicks and lo and behold...NAPOLEON FRICKIN DYNAMITE is playing on the 16th of March!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I am so there dude! I do have to say something, hopefully this will change and stuff, but should not the Acadia Cinema so have the most college of college films, the indy of the indy advertised on their website?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And another thing, i know that Napoleon Dynamite will draw a crowd...but i might digress...what is what of the flicks that play at the cinema? I Heart Huckabees and that other one staring Robert Duvall and Micheal Caine, nice flicks...but ummmmmmmm...i work in the movie business kinda sorta and them there two flicks are renting like total and utter S***...no i know what the artsy fartsy fakers will say..."you don't have any culture you redneck!!!" Hello people...go put on a Cure record and you fake lenses back in yer glasses...they don't bring in the green...i dunno how many people i had to tell this to, but there has always been a small crowd that would ask ask ask.."Where are the foreign films?" Well in smalltown Nova Scotia...foreign films are like poison...like Widescreen...some dude even brought Star Wars back because it was widescreen on DVD...frickin loser.... whatever eh? Anyways...foreign films...subtitles...drama...nope...small town Valley doesn't want any... i don't mind the odd foreign film...look at "Shaun of the Dead" !!!! Rents like damn crazy!!!! (Still roar me ass off when the Harry Potter wannabe gets hauled out the window!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) Anyways who should the Acadia Cinema take some lessons from? Welllllll...one day i was looking at horror movie websites...(this one's good for finding out newer stuff...) and i found this link...and if i lived in this town...wow...i would be there all the time as much as i could ASAP!!!! It is called Exhumed Films and their shows are at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, New Jersey...i guess they have been there for yrs...right now i cannot remember which university they are close to, but man...they must be doing awesome...look at some of the flicks that have played there!!! Evil Dead, Friday The 13th (Including Part III in glorious 3-D!!!!) the original (And only) Texas Chainsaw MAssacre and Dawn of the Dead...man...would so be there and the crowds would be FRICKIN enormous...if anyone from the cinema should see this...bring the horror and the cult films...and watch the crowds...gots to throw people a bone...cause i am not going to pay around 8- 9 bucks to watch the Huckabess and the other fartsy stuff...i know...judging flicks i have never seen...why people why... i dunno.... anywho webslingers, got me a class in a good 20 minutes and i leavve you with a song by Darlington that i thought was by the Huntingtons...titled Judy Jetson...later boys and girls!!!!

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