Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Out There

Hello again faithful webslingers and wormslime!?!?!?!?! Well, it was a weekend...Father is still in the hospital and is being re-evaluated tomorrow. He is doing really well, out of bed and has regained color, but there is only one little kink and when that is worked out, then tomorrow may bring the pleasant news of when he is able to come home. I worked Friday, Sat and today and did lots of homework for Soc on Latin America and Neoliberalism. You, the readers are like me...what in the holy f*** is neoliberalism? It is in theory, is essentially about making trade between nations easier. It is about freer movement of goods, resources and enterprises in a bid to always find cheaper resources, to maximize profits and efficiency. Ya all get that? Remember that "Liberalism" can refer to political, economic, or even religious ideas and that "Neo" means we are talking about a new kind of liberalism. I need to contact one of my other prof's cause she said that she would put the new syllabus on ACME, well i was home some five days, count em..1-2-3-4-5...and no new syllabus!?!?!?!? What can you do when you live in a shoe eh? Well, Saturday i took me nephew on a field trip, we drove to Windsor to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame museum, but it was closed...weird as it did say it was open...there was a list on the door with phone numbers, but we had no time to pursue that avenue, so we just stared in the window for a good 10 minutes at all of the stuff and then went on a tour of Windsor...we went to the mall...it was a good half hr of me life that i will never have back again....boring, i think it consisted of a couple of dollar stores and some MET wanna be store...the old arcade they had was gone...it used to have a Guns and Roses Pinball Machine!!!! Not a Kiss one...but retro coolness all of the same...i remember the Axe had a Lethal Weapon pinball machine me first two yrs at Acadia, and an old friend of mine had a Gilligan's Island pinball machine at Howe Hall up at Dalhousie some eleven to twelve yrs ago. I remember me and my friend Barry were staying the night and we pressed a button on the back and played it for free all night! Scandelous! There was a cool store in Windsor the other day a little bit of the way down from the CLOSED H of F that had old hockey equipment, hats (including a very old school HARTFORD WHALERS ballhat....that is definitly one for next time....) and they had old VHS tapes for $4, so to me amazement, i found an old Bruce Lee documentary called, "Bruce Lee: The Legend" that i had not seen in yrs!!! It was even in the plastic wrapping too! A good documentary, a bit dated...but fun footage of Bruce and a movie i have always wanted to see called, "Duel to the Death" Man, the Snowball Formal was last night!?!?!?!?!? If i had only known....the one major Acadia activity that i have never attended is the Snowball Formal! Seriously...i have never went... I even know who i would have asked, a friend of mine...whom has a bit of an identity crisis, but i think she is really pretty...she is hard on her looks and stuff...dunno why... Anyways the advertising was terrible...just me opinion here folks...but it was only this week that i found out when the Snowball was, and i was not going to run around trying to get someone to fill in for me in Middleton at T&C while i snuck off to the dance...typical Acadia advertising eh? I had me nephew in to look at the set-up for the dance at the SUB on Saturday...he was impressed that the size of the SUB was bigger than his entire high school...it was hysterical driving...he is going through a silly stage at his 12yrs where is a white kid who thinks he is black...wearing gold chains and stuff...W*****...anyways he wanted to know why i did not play any rap (CRAP) music in the track...first off, the driver is in charge of the stereo in the car... second...no RAP de le S*** is coming out of my speakers...i see enough of those morons and i do not use the term loosely MORONS while i am helplessly handcuffed to work driving around, spoliers on the back, dad's old stereo speakers in the trunk, shocks just a going...MORONS...plus i told me nephew that Rappers have to be the biggest hypocrites ever...why do i say that? Well...when i mistakingly turn MTV on the dish and see another CRAP video, it is hard to believe that life is hard in the hood when the singer is driving a $100,000 dollar car, wearing a fur coat and enough gold to make MR T wince... Watched the Super Bowl tonight, a good game as it was no blow-out...too bad i could not have seen any of those commericals!?!?!?!?! Good job Cdn feed assclowns!?!?!??! The Hockey Axemen had a win and a tie this weekend...but think aboot this...in the playoffs for the first time in what?...FOUR YEARS!!! This could be the yr...gotta wait and see eh? I wish i didn't have to work Friday, i would boot it to the mecca in HFX...the fabulous Forum and watch SMU Vs Acadia...i think it wil be a good one, a revenge game for Friday's loss...anyhow cool cats and sexy momma's...i am off to bed as it is back to Wolfville and classes tomorrow and then the cycle beigns again...classes, and home and hopefully good news from HFX....lates!!!

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