Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Daze of the Week

Hello there bloggos! Well it has been awhile eh? Not too too much happening, listened to the Axemen on the radio claiming sole possession of first place with wins this weekend over UPEI and UNB!!! Now on to the playoffs! Well a few games left in the regular season and then on to the playoffs! Worked all weekend Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday till 6:00 and today till 6, so i did not have much time for much else, paid for my new exhaust for the Jeep and towards my days birthday present which is a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop and Mouse, we moved out 60 inch television back out into the living room and enjoyed back to back Habs victories as well as the Superbowl tonight which was won by Pittsburgh 21-10. I did enjoy the MacGyver Mastercard commerical that i saw tonight! So tomorrow i am to keep a couple of promises to meself, first i am going over to Excalibur Gym here in Middleton and signing back up, i have Barry's wedding to go to in July and i cannot go looking like the Michelin Man now can i? Plus i have to go to the bank tomorrow because we are going to look into RSVP's, you imagine if for as low as $25 a pay and i cannot touch it till i am 65 yrs of age! I could have quite a good chunk of change saved up eh? Let's do the math... hmmmmmmmmmmm .....okay about $19,000 so which means that when i get a better paying job, i put into it a bit more than $50 a month eh? Well i finally got in touch with my old friend Craig from Eastern Passage and we chatted on the ol phone for over an hour, chatting about stuff ranging from the upcoming Alice Cooper concert (he is going to see Motley Crue instead) to old times in the Passage like the window breaking incident at Talahassie School to old Eastern Passage Junior High memories! Man it was fun to get back in contact again... he remembers this old reggae album that he found by this dude named Dillinger ..... we would put this holy vinyl coolness on his record player (Not his Mickey Mouse record player!!!!!!) and this guy sang stuff titled "Cocaine in my Brain" and "Funky Punk" and it was hysterical!!! We would sing along to this crap for hours...i need some mp3's ...time to look on Limewire!!!
I was up at the Middleton branch of NSCC the other day and i got a new schedule for the Job Resource Centre based at the school and this Thursday they are having two sessions for preparing resume/cover letters from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm, i think i am going to phone ahead and make a reservation. ...plus when i was there i visited their library which i believe is quite newer and has alot more stuff then i imagined and they have a whole section of books on sale for 25 cents...yes that is right webslingers...a whole frickin 25 cents!!!! And i bought get this... The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sociology: Third Edition from 1986..old book? Yes..does the information inside change at all? Ummmmm...not really as one glance through this book brought back lots of memories for myself and my years with sociology at Acadia and Mount A and maybe one more, really good year possibly in Kentville this coming year, which we have to see about in quick fashion. What kind of defintions are here before my eyes? Well let's see shall we?

Participant Observation: A technique by which an investigator attempts to develop theory through exploration or confirm hypothesis through direct participation in and observation of the community, tribe or other social grouping being studied. This approach unstructured and direct, and often only a few of the members of the group under study serve as informants in interviews, wheras the others are simply observed.

Collectivism: Collectivism stresses the idea of a group or "collective" of people working together in a common cause for the benefit of the whole, as opposed to individualism and or competition. There may be collectives within a nation, state, or other form of political unit, such as the collective farms in the former USSR or the kibbutzim in Israel. Although the state may own the collectivized farm or factory, the workers may be paid or in some fashion remunerated on the basis of the production of their particular collective. Although collective organizations are most often based on economic activity, their purposes are likely to be defined broadly enough to emcompass all aspects of individual and social life.

White-Collar Crime: Casual criminal acts by middle-class people, particularly administrative and professional personnel, who abuse their positions for private gain. Examples are falsified expense accounts, embezzlement of company funds and or fraudulent tax returns.

And that was just a few sociological definitions! As time allows, i such type out more, if i can help someone that happens to stroll by Robbblogs, then it will all be worth it eh?
Anywho, i have to sleep cause i am waking up early, walking the doggies and heading to the gym! Have a good one slingers!!!

PSSSSSSSsst!!!- Sex Pistols- Anarchy in the UK!!!!

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