Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Everything We Were Has Become What We Are

Hey people! How are things? I am sitting home while my father is going under the knife for some minor surgery up in Hfx this morning, if all goes well, then the folks should be home on Thursday or so. Good god Dad deserves some peace after this last little while eh? Well there is the Team Canada match-up Vs the Czech Republic today at 11:30 this morning, what the heck is gonna happen? People are just a crapping all over Team Canada as it was thought that we would run roughshed over everyone, the Women's team won gold, but they outscored their opponents something like 1000-2 and that makes for some boring ol hockey, however i had a class up at Mount A called Canadian Sport History and my professor said something to the effect of that 10-0 hockey games are boring for crowds, i agreed to an extent, unless it is a rivalry that is...i was there at the football finals between the Axemen and STFX and we blew them out, however a great deal of the fans stayed and cheered every touchdown, but like if the Habs blew out the Bruins and vice versa, their fans would stay and cheer every goal! I am going to phone Kingstec today and see if i can get an appointment to see who is in charge of the Human Services programme and see if i can get placed into second year. If not, then it is time for plan 2...which will be revealed at a date to be named later. I would love to have a ticket for tomorrow night's game between the Axemen and SMU, but i am told that tickets will be hard to come by, actually there is playoff hockey here in Middleton with the high school teams, so i may wander over and check that out, but bring my headphones so i can listen to the Axemen game at the same time. I actually agree with Alex J on something he wrote, he had an article about the high school basketball games being played in gyms with no seating, i can remember when i was the team mascot for West Kings basketball back in 1991-92 (yes i was the Lion...laughing yet? ) and there was absolutely no place for fans to sit! And fans were always in danger of being smoked by the frickin ball too! I am glad they have a new gym which has places for people to sit and enjoy the game. Teams need a showcase, maybe it would not have been asking much to have one of the universities open up their facilities, but people always scream for homefield advantage too! Hey Bullen? Did you guys really have the ol Tator-Tot Casserole? yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Oh well, time for me to get the day started, i am shaved, but i need to shower, walk the mutts and get going on me day...have a good one slingers!

Black Flag- Nervous Breakdown (Live 84)

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