Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Welcome...Now at 500 Posts and Counting!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Time & Confusion

Hello slingers! Well today is the day, my Dad was transported up to Kentville earlier today and he is having his operation. Hope all goes well and that he will be home here in good ol Middleton to recoup in a few short days. So how is the rest of the free world? Well the Axemen swept SMU 5-2 on Friday night as i listened in the computer room in the basement. Am i suprised? Well we have learned from last year i think as we go on to meet UNB in the AUAA Finals , and as i will be working on Wednesday it is a safe bet that i will be taking the radio with me to work and listening in on all the action. What happened this weekend? Not too hell of a lot with the family occupied with my Father and the weather has been terrible lately too. Met up with a friend yesterday and we had some coffee at old Tim Horton's in New Minas. I bugged her that this one old guy that looked like Charles Bronson at age 100 was checking her out from behind his mustache. Went for a drive behind WAl Mart and saw this trail that i never knew was there before, i imagine it is a haven for guys on ATV's and all the rest. I have tomorrow and Friday off, payday is this week too so i will be able to renew my driver's licence and i have an appointment to get my hair cut in town Friday at 1:00 so i can look all pretty for all the ladies (hahahahaha!) I have an invite to head up to Saint John's NB sometime, well maybe when the snow clears and the weather is a wee bit better i shall head up that way. And remember next Monday is my student for a day at Kingstec, i told an old friend about it and she said "what are you gonna do? Go sit in on Radio & Television?" ahahahah ummmm..no.. she said she should go just to get the free lunch. Don Knotts aka Mr Furley passed away this weekend, it is funny becuase a good friend of mine wants to lend me his Three's Company boxset and we were chatting about how hysterical Furley was in his swinging 70s outfits that he used to wear and how he thought Jack was gay, when Furley was wearing some awefully flaming outfits himself. Oh well it is time i guess for me to clean up a bit, do some housework and get to work...have a good one people!!!

PS- Dramarama: Anything Anything

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